The First International Day Dedicated To Recycling


On 18th March 2018 the whole world joins forces in a Global Recycling Day, to see recycling as a resource, not a waste. MB Crusher supports this initiative, as a company that has always been committed to the recycling cause in every part of the world. Presently, construction and demolition waste make up about 30% of all the waste produced in Europe. Many European states are proposing laws to force companies to recycle their waste. This is happening across the Atlantic, as well. Legal proposals like the one in Colombia, aim to reduce the percentage of waste by recycling. The MB Crusher bucket reduces the stones into different sizes, depending on what the site requires. Then the iron remover installed on the bucket separates the stones from the iron. And during the operation the nebulizer reduces the dust from the crushing to allow use in any location. The material is cleaned with the MB screening bucket, ready to be reused. Or it is cleaned before crushing, to reduce crushing time by 60%. This is how demolition waste becomes a productive resource on site: for filling the foundations of new constructions, pipe excavations, road surfacing, or in gardens as decoration elements. And if it does not find opportunities for use on the construction site, it becomes a commercial resource: it can be sold to other companies.