SANY SCC8300 Gains New York City Approval


The SANY SCC8300 crawler crane has been certified for operation by the New York City Department of Buildings. “This achievement opens the New York City market to the SANY SCC8300,” said Kyle Nape, senior vice president of the Lifting Group. “New York has the most rigorous standards for crane operation.” Known as “prototype approval,” the certification shows the SCC8300 meets the operational standards of the New York City Building Code. The SCC8300 is the first SANY crane certified for operation in New York City. It has a maximum 301.8-foot lattice boom, with 216.5-foot luffing jib and 121.4-foot fixed jib attached to the luffing jib. It also has a boom point extension available for the main boom. The SCC8300 operates with two counterweight levels, Series 1 with 176,400 pounds and Series 2, with 282,200 pounds of upper counterweight and 125,700 pounds of carbody counter weight. The approval applies to eight configurations of the SCC8300, with various boom, jib, extension and counterweight options.