Customised Solutions For Road Construction Machinery


Infrastructure development is the name of the game when it comes to putting India on the fasttrack to becoming a developed nation. The government is leaving no stone unturned to help the development of infrastructure across the country. Infrastructure development in a developing country is the stepping stone towards a strong nation and economy. While most technologies across the world are developed in first world countries, it is used most in developing countries these days. However, there is a major issue of the international brand equipment being a slight misfit to the local conditions in these developing nations. Construction of roads, both rural and urban, is a priority for the government and is doing everything in its power to ensure faster construction of roads across the nation. While many road construction machines are available, they are better suited to the needs of the bigger companies that dealing large long-term projects that span over years. When it comes to the small and medium players, the huge machines are not only expensive but also ill-suited for most parts of rural India and the small size of projects at hand.

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Customised solutions are required to suit the fast changing and varied requirements of a developing nation. It is no longer enough to create one machine and expect to suit the needs of all. Buyers have become more educated and demanding in terms of wanting machines suited to the kind of work and environment that they work in. The biggest example of this is the motor grader of international brands being obsolete for use in construction of narrow rural roads due to its size despite the technology being more advanced and quality of machines being superior. For most developed countries, there is only one single language that is used for communication across the country. But with a country like India where there is no unifying language and different language is spoken in every district and state, it becomes counterproductive to have all instructions about the machine in a single language. This simple customisation helps interact better with the operator.
Machine abuse and fuel theft are a major issues across the country. Uncertified operators tend to work the machines inappropriately. Simple software customisations help keep a log of the machine’s data for future reference. It also helps keep track of the machine’s numbers in terms of efficiency and fuel consumption. The customized software helps run trouble shooting and diagnostic measures to ensure safety and efficiency of the machines. The operator friendly console of the Road Master provides SMS service so that the owner can keep track of the machine’s location and fuel consumption among other things. The console sends the owner an SMS when the machine is running low on fuller when there is something wrong with the machine and requires repair. The console provides instructions to troubleshoot the issues with the machine to reduce the down time of the machine and catch trouble in its initial stages. Internet of things is becoming increasingly popular with construction equipment too. This kind of technology integrated with the machine lets the operator get a better picture of the job site anyhow to get it done best and fastest. Software has been developed to bring down the time required to get a certain job at hand done. Small customisations go a long way with a developing nation on the fast track. Communication between machines will most likely change the way humans are required to operate the machine. Machine to machine communication will reduce the onsite human interactions while increasing efficiency and safety on the sites. While it is already happening in the developed nations, India still must go a long way to be able to utilise this kind of technology to its helm given the current lack of connectivity infrastructure in rural parts of India. There is no doubt that customisation is now key when it comes to the world of development. Customisations must be in sync with the market and the on-ground realities for making the most of it. With the aim to provide customized solutions Mahindra Construction Equipment studied the road construction machinery. Current road making machineries are dominated by imports and foreign manufacturer where the products are being made keeping in mind the needs of the developed worlds. Whilst in the developed world 60% of roads fall in our category of the multilane express and state and national highway, they constitute only 6% of overall roads when it comes to India. The equipment currently available are too large and expensive hence grossly unutilized and non-viable for most village and unsurfaced road projects, which constitute 58% of total roads in developing countries like India. This also results in very low sales volume of equipment despite the large quantum of road work. Due to lack of tailormade equipment suitable for our needs lead to sub-optimal methods with limited mechanization and large labour force deployment. This leads to issues such as bad quality of roads and speed of road making apart from availability and control of labour force in large numbers. Truly living in the spirit of Make in India for the developing world, we at Mahindra aim to provide optimized solutions which offer affordable uncompromised mechanization catering to our road making needs. You would soon hear from us about our range of category creating products suitable for our market laced with the most modern technology offering exactly what our customers require, giving is higher profits and ROI with lesser investment.