Customised Solutions For Road Construction CASE Graders Perfectly Adapted For Local Conditions


Graders are the best available machinery in their class and are engineered to give a very long product life. CASE prepared for the introduction of its graders in India with around 5,000 hours of testing in different terrains over two years to ensure the products were perfectly adapted to local conditions. The careful preparation paid off, as sales of the CASE graders immediately took off, making it the fastest growing brand in the grader segment in India. CASE reached the milestone of selling 100th motor grader in December 2015 and the number has crossed more than 250 now. Time bound projects need reliable machines and CASE just fits their requirements in every possible ways. CASE 845B HP is ideal for the road construction and the features which make it so are:
- Maximum productivity - CASE 845B with ‘Multiradius Mouldboard design’ that provides mixing effect that does not only push the material on ground but also rolls it, along with dual HP-150HP/173HP, which gives a unique mix of power and fuel efficiency
- Advanced engine and hydraulics - To increase the machine’s durability, CASE focuses on the use of quality engines along with regular maintenance across their equipment, which helps deliver excellent fuel efficiency. Consistency of controls and response of hydraulic operations, as the ability to make small and precise adjustments in the blade position has a significant impact on profitability for the job.

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Mr. Shalabh Chaturvedi
Head Marketing
- Optimum fuel efficiency – CASE 845B grader is equipped with 6.7-liter FPT engine with dual horsepower to match the power requirements of various applications and deliver optimum fuel efficiency. The Grader is offered with an Automatic ZF Transmission. The machine has a multi Curvature Mouldboard, which reduces the resistance coming on the Engine and hence reduces the fuel consumption.
- Operator comfort – CASE’s Motor Graders are equipped with closed air conditioning ROPS cabins whereas most of CASE’s competitors are providing open canopy. Air suspension seat further adds to the operator comfort. The operator can also customise all the working parameters of the machine to achieve excellent controllability and faster cycle times. The automated functions in the cab, which includes an electrohydraulic joystick to customize the reversing and steering sensitivity, makes the driver’s job easy, allowing them to achieve shorter cycle times and boost their productivity.
- Structural stability and ease of maintenance - CASE 845B focuses on providing easy engine compartment access along with daily service checkpoints for quick and efficient maintenance of equipment.
- Remote diagnosis and monitoring technology - Equipment are installed with a unique trip meter on the operator dashboard that continuously monitors the fuel consumption, hours operated and operating temperatures. Electronic indicators are also connected to the dashboard for safety related or operation related parameters. To enable easy access for customers to dealers and after-sales services, CASE has an extensive network of around 67 dealers with 250 plus touch points spanning the length and breadth of the country to support the products with spares and service even in remote locations.