Apollo Machineries Meet The Road Construction Challenges In Bhutan


Apollo offers a broad range of machines for the road construction industry. As leading manufacturer in India for paving equipment, Apollo offers a variety of pavers for asphalt and wetmix. In addition, complimentary products such as Curb laying machines, bitumen sprayers and brooms are available from Apollo as well. The Apollo products are well known in their market for their good priceperformance ratio, their durability and the excellent support that the Apollo team offers its customers. The entire range of sensor pavers in the wheeled and tracked segments from 2.5 m to 10 m paving width. The pavers are of the latest technology. In our fleet, we have offerings from rural roads to national highways (expressways and super expressways) ideally suited to sub-base and base courses. The company from the past four decades is quite focused on Make-in-India and provides customised solutions meeting current and future demands in paving technologies. Most pavers are within the transportable width and can be moved in regular truck/trailers. With hydraulic extendible screed and easy coupling and decoupling extensions, pavers can be quickly brought into transportable mode. Most pavers with wheels make it easy to move with short distance within the site on transport mode. The pavers are designed for easy transportation in locally available trucks, with the hydraulically extendable screed it is quite easy. Apollo has complimentary products to offer for all aspects of the road building process. - KLM Curb Pavers - ATM Bitumen Sprayers - Brooms for Asphalt surfaces Construction Development Corporation Limited (CDCL) has built its business around professionalism – specifically, providing high quality in a timely fashion. Helping the Bhutan business deliver on its promises are Apollo WM 6 HES Mechanical Paver Finishers. The machines are responsible for CDCL’s construction of roads, bridges and other infrastructure projects.

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Thimphu. The projects required high quantities of mix and occurred on hilly terrain and narrow roads. The pavers were up to the challenge, helping CDCL successfully complete the work. “The finishing and quality of work is good,” the company said, adding that the pavers are highly reliable, too. It should come as no surprise then that CDCL again turned to Apollo when it was time for an asphalt-mixing plant. Officials visited the Apollo factory and nearby drum-mix sites. “Apollo was the superior brand as compared to other makes,” the company concluded. CDCL purchased a DrumMix 60. It recently took delivery on the fully automated plant, and expectations are high. The plant purchase also included a bitumen barrel decanter unit, which will eliminate the need for manual feeding.