Founded in Switzerland by visionary inventor Kaspar Winkler over 100 years ago, Sika has developed into a successful global company with a leading position in the development and production of systems and products for bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing and protecting in the building sector and the motor vehicle industry. The Indian unit has its Head Office in Mumbai, Registered Office in Kolkata, branch offices in six other cities, and manufacturing units in five locations. Mr. Arijit Basu– MD and Dr. Parag Solanki - Head- Technical, Marketing and R&D share their views with CE&CR on the new products, technology introduced, and current market situation.
CE&CR: What were the latest innovative products and technologies introduced in the last year? What was the role of your organization in this regard? Dr. Parag Solanki: At Sika We believe in Sustainable development & these are closely linked to trends that will shape our future. These so-called mega trends are decisive drivers of future economic growth. Our recent developments show the commitment, which are very well linked to the goal of Sustainable Innovation. We introduced a range of Sika Viscocrete that is High Performance Super Plasticizing Admixture, which imparts very high workability, allows a large reduction in water content and gives high early strength as well as products to support Renewable Energy segment, which are Grouts & Admixtures for Wind Energy Towers.

Generic placeholder image Mr. Arijit Basu
Managing Director
Sika India Pvt. Ltd.
CE&CR: Please give us a practical example of a case study or a project wherein innovative capability of your organization helped deal with a challenging situation? PS: The capacity to innovate is a key factor for success in rapidly changing markets. Sika takes the pulse of customers, investing continuously in new and advanced development of solutions. There are various projects wherein Sika was able to prove the capabilities of our Construction Chemical products; a recent example is Construction of India’s Longest Cable Bridge that is 1.4 km long extra dosed cable stayed bridge across Narmada River, Gujarat, India & the project was having demanding requirements to be completed on time using advanced Construction materials & we supported with a range of High Performance Super Plasticizing Admixture and Segmental Bridge Adhesive. Later the bridge was inaugurated by Sh. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India.
CE&CR: Please brief us on your organization’s efforts towards Research and Development for technological advancements in construction and related sectors.
Generic placeholder image Dr. Parag Solanki
Head- Technical Marketing and R&D
Sika India Pvt. Ltd.
Innovations are key to our success at Sika and so our global, Regional & Local R&D teams are always working hard to develop new, industry leading products that satisfy the needs of our customers. The advanced technologies help into achieving the extraordinary performance and save time for demanding applications in Construction Industry and at the same time the development principles follow the Sustainability standard to keep the environment clean & safe.
CE&CR: What are the new opportunities in your sector in the future? Arijit Basu: Construction chemicals will have new opportunities in the sectors of renewable energies like Solar and in the areas of Pre-cast building constructions.
CE&CR: What is the impact of GST in your sector? AB: The impact of GST introduction at the back of Demonetisation as well as introduction of RERA, did slow down the real estate as well as construction sector, however, we expect that the impact will be less permanent and in another couple of quarters, there should be a positive outlook in the sector. CE&CR: How would you rate the performance of your organization in the last one year in comparison to the previous year, please mention as (a) same (b) marginally better (c) marginally lower (d) significantly better (e) significantly lower AB: My answer is (b) marginally better.
CE&CR: What is your perception of growth in the coming year? AB: Growth potential in Indian market is still positive and we would expect a growth in the tune of 10%.
CE&CR: What would be the significant growth area for your organization in 2018? AB: Distribution business.
CE&CR: A few words about CE&CR as your regular companion. AB: “CE&CR has been able to create a good network as well as influence in the industry through their hard working and valuable information sharing style”.

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