Formwork And Scaffolding In Roads Infrastructure


In construction of Roads and Highways, Formwork & Staging / Scaffolding usually play crucial role. For building of highways, there will be structures such as Bridges, Flyovers, Viaducts etc., and all such structures will require well-designed Formwork and Staging Systems, including Access Scaffolding such as Temporary staircases at regular locations.
While designing the Formwork and Staging of Structures such as Bridges, Viaducts etc., one must carefully consider the following while considering suitable factor of safety.
a) Dead Load
b) Live Load
c) Shuttering Load
d) Wind load
e) Rate and Method of Pouring of concrete

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Formwork for such jobs are usually made from steel or a combination of steel & wood / toughened ply/aluminium alloy. The support or the staging system can be a good modular scaffolding system such as Cuplok.
The bearing capacity of the soil must be considered, and base area should be suitably strengthened with PCC Blocks / wooden sleepers etc., including improving the bearing capacity of the soil itself, to prevent sinking of the staging. While arrangement drawings must be followed during erection, thorough inspection of the Formwork & Staging must be taken before any concreting, through qualified / experienced engineer.

Temporary staircases made from Scaffolding System with adequate handrails etc., must be incorporated both within and outside the staging system for ease of movement of workers and supervision / inspection by site engineers. For safe erection and dismantling of Staging / Shuttering materials, one should follow OSHA guidelines of Scaffolding Safety Policy. For safety at site and long life of the materials, proper and regular maintenance of the materials is a must.
We, at AB Infra Solution, are fully geared up to provide all solutions and materials of Formwork and Scaffolding Systems pertaining to all applications, including for Roads and Highways construction.