Ascolite Waterproofing Solutions


Making a technical buying decision can be quite engaging and puzzling, as there are many considerations in the decisionmaking process. Deciding how to resolve the waterproofing needs is one of them, as the source of leakage, profile of the substrate, climatic conditions, traffic on substrate, life of the solution, budget and influence of the consultant, contractor and others should be considered. When you choose Ascolite for waterproofing solutions, you can rest assured knowing that you are in good hands and all the above factors will be considered as our experts will attend your needs. Before we move on, we must understand why considering all the above factors are important and why waterproofing must be given abundance of attention.
Waterproofing – Common Reasons of Failure
Waterproofing makes up between 1-3% of the total cost of construction of a building, but accounts for up to 70-80% of the complaints and huge costs in rectification.
Workmanship: The single biggest cause of waterproofing failure is workmanship. Poor workmanship would account for 90% of all failures in waterproofing. The waterproofing membrane is only as good as the surface on which it is applied or installed. Consistently there is insufficient time allowed in the conduct of waterproofing for

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the correct preparation before the application of the waterproofing membrane.
Priming: The second most common recurring problem after poor surface preparation, is the failure to prime the respective parts and surfaces before the application of the waterproofing membrane.
Substrate Moisture: The third major cause of waterproofing failures is residual moisture in the substrate causing adhesive failure or debonding of the membrane.
Film Thickness: Incorrect film thickness of the cured waterproofing in the case of liquid applied membranes. A common problem is the waterproofing has not been applied in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications (e.g. specified number of coats & specified minimum dry film thickness, time required between coats).
Protection of the Membrane: Where other trades are required to work over a waterproofing membrane, temporary protection should always be installed.
Effective Curing: Often ignored problem is the required time for effective curing of liquid applied waterproofing products. In many instances the waterproofing is installed one day and the next day screeds and tiles are installed over partially cured membranes. Most membrane manufacturers specify minimum cure times. These averages from 24 to 72 hours.
Ascolite Provides The Tools and Training for your Waterproofing Solutions.
Preparation: Our team at Ascolite will demonstrate and inform the importance of preparing the job correctly. This actually ensures your job complies with all regulations and also speeds up the application of the waterproofing membrane. An uneven surface can take at minimum twice as long to waterproof.
Product Knowledge: A common failure in waterproofing is the lack of knowledge of the product’s limitations and correct usage. Knowledge of the waterproofing product’s performance characteristics is a critical part of the serviceability of the waterproofing membrane. Ascolite being a part of the Ascon Group of Developers, which is into developing of luxury residences in Surat and has more than 35 years of experience in the industry, has complete awareness of the problems faced by Engineers and Contractors at construction site. Our company has a manufacturing facility with a state-of-the art R&D and testing unit where all our products are tested and optimized. We have a sales team, technical support team and customer care team to take care of all phases of the requirement. With over 30 products for the sole purpose of waterproofing and base preparation for new construction activities, our company is further growing into repair, rehabilitation and infrastructure products as well. At Ascolite, we have categorized the products based on the problems faced for different surfaces. While conducting our research, we learnt that the problems related to waterproofing can be categorized into five categories namely
- Bathrooms
- Basements
- External Walls
- Roofs/ Terrace
- Podiums
- Swimming Pools & water tanks
We have launched and classified our products as per these problems. Ascolite has always come up with contemporary solutions related to building materials whether it is AAC Blocks, Block Jointing Adhesives, Ready Mix Plaster or the recently launched Waterproofing products.