One Nation-One Grid- One Market


India has exceeded its energy generation target for the first time ever and is set to become one of the leading exporters of power. Primarily due to the steady rise in electricity demand and development of domestic grids, India is the only major country that is expected to see a significant rise in conventional capacity additions. Recently, the power ministry has taken forward the initiative of offering all Indians affordable electricity. To cut losses occurred during the transmission and distribution processes, it is suggested that new technologies be adopted by the power sector. Investment in the sector over the next 5 years is expected to be almost INR 2.6 trillion in state, central and private utilities. One such ambition of the government is “One Nation – One Grid- One Market’’. The Indian power sector is undergoing a major change as continuous efforts are being made to improve India’s per capita power consumption. The government is focused on plugging the power leakage, which is attracting a huge amount of investments.