Volvo EC210D For Flood Prevention Work In Yogyakarta, Indonesia


The threat of flooding and landslides is an unfortunate reality for those living in and around the ancient cultural Javanese city of Yogyakarta. In fact, until January 30 this year a state of emergency remained in place following the devastating flooding, winds and landslides that hit the area in November last year. As part of the efforts to prevent future disasters, local Indonesian government agencies are working on a series of initiatives. One of them, the Gendol River Normalization in Sleman Yogyakarta has a Volvo EC210D leading excavation works on the riverbed. This work, to remove sand and rocks from the waterway is designed to help prevent it bursting its banks in future. The unit is shifting some 150-300m³ in hugely challenging conditions. It can be fitted with a selection of buckets and breakers that work in harmony with the machine to ensure optimal performance and profitability in any application. With a sturdy design and builtin durability, all buckets are equipped with Volvo teeth to handle even the toughest of applications.