DCC’s Bulldozer Services For Urban Development


India is a developing nation and is needful of strategies that can bring about the required change. One major factor that prevails here is urbanization, growth and expansion of cities. Being the second largest populated country in the world, we require accommodating hundreds of millions of people in urban areas, thus entailing the need for a better urban infrastructure. Hence urban infrastructure forms the central part of urbanization in the country. However, not restricting itself to improve only the physical structure of cities, it has a much larger perspective and is a continuous process that brings a change in the existing conditions and establishes a brand-new association among places. Urban India beholds the commercial and economic future of the nation. Recognizing the case, Government of India has also allotted major workmanship towards the development of this propeller of growth. Some actions include Smart City Projects that revolve around the concept of Internet of Things which encapsulates all major domains CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT of construction and technology. The Smart Cities Mission is an urban renewal and retrofitting program by the government of India with a mission to develop 100 cities by 2020 that provide core infrastructure and give a decent quality of life to its citizens, a clean and sustainable environment and application of smart solutions to address the country’s rapid urbanization. Reckoning to such needs and with a focus on sustainable urbanization strategy, Daya Charan & Company aims at providing best in the industry, latest technology machines and equipment for urban development.Such a prodigious and rich experience of more than 50 years in the construction industry, Daya Charan & Company stands as one of the India’s most leading dealers and service providers of bulldozers. With a positive attitude to learn something new each day, they have gained a wealth of product related knowledge and thus cover all prime equipment and services for heavy earth moving machines.

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Urban Development in India is an intricate task and calls for the best quality, highly efficient, latest technology, reliable machinery and solutions for construction. The Daya Charan Group plays a vital role in extending their hand towards providing the best and variety of range to improve construction methods and construction routines including roads, highways, underground constructions, airports, railways etc. Contribution towards Urban Development being the major focus, this group has already carved its niche by working for various projects including road projects with AFCONS, Government projects with Municipal Corporation Gurugram, building airports with GMR group etc. They are well-known and have the most comprehensive line-up of machines and own more than 50 bulldozers. Maintaining their continuous research in the field and walking hand in hand with latest technologies, the company provides new and advance technology bulldozers to work more efficiently towards making a better nation. DCC deals in bulldozers, its spare parts and all related services. This group has a masterly reputation in the construction & development industry and serve: 1. Quality - The bulldozers are well tested from fore to aft before they play their role in the field. They are leading and famous in the field with a pan India network and have acquired a name in the service sector as well. 2. Service - They have developed a network of highly skilled and knowledgeable field workers and engineers with their long walk in the industry. 3. Commitment - Highly committed to their work responsibility they are always available for support and solutions to queries. Upholding the availability of large variety of highly robust products and world class service, DCC stands as a highly renowned vendor in the bulldozer market and construction industry thus playing their part in improved urban development projects.