Exel Composites Manufactures Flax Fibre Profiles For Bio-Based Dutch Bridge


Exel Composites has supplied 6 km of biobased composite profiles for an innovative bio-based bridge in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands, the first viaduct in the world to be renovated using bio-based materials. Exel's structural profiles, manufactured using flax fibre reinforcement and bio-based resin, were employed to create the bridge's eye-catching side screens. Exel Composites is seeing growing interest in bio-based composite solutions as organisations around the world move towards a more sustainable future. "We are proud to have been part of the team behind this new bridge, which demonstrates the potential of bio-based materials," states Gert de Roover, Head of Sales Western Europe, Exel Composites. "Exel Composites has been active in experimenting and testing bio materials for many years and we see bio-based as an important part of our materials toolkit going forward for more sustainable ecosystems,” continues Kari Loukola, SVP Sales & marketing, Exel Composites.