Hong Kong Bridge Prepares To Open Amid Fears Over Structural Integrity


Chinese authorities have announced that the 55-kilometre bridge between Hong Kong, the Chinese Mainland and Macau is on track to open, despite concerns that parts of the structure have been washed away by the sea. Hong Kong's Highways Department rebuffed claims that the concrete blocks protecting an artificial island connecting the Hong Kong side of the bridge to the tunnel under Mainland China's waters have been damaged by waves. Named the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau (HKZM) Bridge, the structure consists of three cable-stayed bridges, three artificial islands and one undersea tunnel spanning 55 kilometres through the Lingdingyang channel. The route connects the three major cities of Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macau on the Pearl River Delta. The 29-kilometre section of the HKZM Bridge will be one of the world's longest bridges. China is also home to the world's highest suspension bridge, the 564-metreshigh Beipanjiang Bridge. Once open, the sixlane bridge will cut the travel time between Hong Kong and Macau from four hours to under one hour. The HKZM Bridge was completed in November 2017 and is due to open to traffic before 1 July 2018.