Chessie Ready To Dig New Tunnel Under Chesapeake Bay


The new boring machine that will drill the mile-long hole for an expansion of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (CBBT) has been named Chessie after the fabled sea monster that is said to live in Chesapeake Bay, The Virginian-Pilotreports. The name was chosen from more than 120 names that were submitted by local sixth graders during an online contest to name the drill. The name Chessie was submitted by Grace Bentley of Nandua Middle School in Onley, Va. “When the tunnel boring machine is digging into the ground, you can think of it like a sea monster,” Bentley said in hervideo submission. ‘Chessie’ will be printed on the machine and visible during the launching ceremony in 2019. CBBT says the naming of the machine before beginning work is a sign of good luck for the project ahead.Prep work for the $756 million tunnel has already begun on the island closest to Virginia Beach. Chessie will begin boring the tunnel there in 2019 and move northeast until it hits the second island. The project is expected to finish in 2022.