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DayaCharan & Company has successfully completed 50 years in the Industry of Construction with its remarkable services. Set up in 1966, this Delhi based company has carved its niche in the domain of heavy earthmoving machineries covering all the divisions, be it supply of bulldozers, excavators & other machines or spare parts or CMC contracts etc. Catering to requirements of latest technology construction equipment, DCC has also diversified itself by stepping into the division of selling brand new and latest technology HBXG bulldozers in India. The Construction Sector solely depends upon the advancement in Construction Equipment made over the years and how well it reaches the end users to make the complete use of new resources and their extraordinary features. Be it earth-moving equipment, pile-driving equipment, tunnelling and rock drilling equipment, aggregate and concrete production equipment or conveying equipment etc., the requirements are never-ending. For any construction approximately 15-30% of the project cost is accounted towards equipment and machinery while 90% of the project completion involves the use of construction equipment showing the co-dependency of the industry and its equipment. Due to increased urbanisation and better infrastructure the complexity of construction projects in India has increased many folds and this has increased the dependency and need for heavy construction equipment. Coming straight from the manufacturer who deals exclusively in Bulldozers for more than half a century, DayaCharan & Company has introduced different models of HBXG bulldozers falling in the range of 180-340 HP with a premier Pan-India dealership. They highlight the advancement in these bulldozers and how well they can benefit the construction industry, including even the minor features of the equipment, which contributes to achieving higher throughput.
Main Features
- Elevated Sprocket Design - Apart from normal sprocket design, HBXG bulldozers have elevated sprocket design that offers excellent stability and balance to the bulldozer. It strongly supports in eliminating frequent failures of the final drive system, hence allows the machine to work harder and last longer even in the most inhospitable conditions. Elevated Sprocket transfers implement shock loads to the main frame and allow the sprockets, final drives, axles and steering components to perform better by isolating them from absorbing excessive load. This modular design provides more torque to the machine and enables it to have bigger and broader blade in size.
- Easy Maintenance Transmission System - Use of multiple gear teeth instead of a single tooth increases the system endurance to engine torque by evenly distributing the applied forces. Due to the elevated sprocket design, quick transmission repair & maintenance is possible by opening it from the rear end of the bulldozer.
- Cummins Engine - Highly reliable Cummins engine support offers better fuel efficiency, lesser noise and low emissions capability make its use environmentally sounder than its competitors.
- Joystick Control & LED Lights - joystick control offers a high degree of precision. LED Lights provide increased illumination with better durability, fuel efficiency and a low maintenance cost. Their low power consumption enables to use low voltage alternator generator in the bulldozer machine.
- ROPS and 360-degree view cabin with air conditioner - An ROPS (Roll over Protection System) ensures the operator’s safety in event of a mishap. Offers clear and operator friendly line of sight.
- Suspended rollers - Provides operator comfort and makes travel
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across jobsites faster by easily driving over small bumps, rocks and debris or uneven land.
Bulldozer for Solid Waste & Landfill Designed exclusively to work in Landfills, this bulldozer is equipped with Solid Waste Blade that enables the machine to shift more waste than standard blades while triangular track plates or LGP (Low ground pressure) plates provide smooth movement to the bulldozer, overall increasing the efficiency of the machine. Two models of landfill bulldozers:
1. SD6NHW Bulldozer – 182HP, 17 tons approx.
2. SD7NHW Bulldozer – 248 HP, 24 tons approx.
Tempered by economic reality, equipment will be refined with necessity driving the design and development just as it has from the beginning. That is the past and future of heavy construction equipment development. Whether self-performing or subcontracting the work it is important to match the right machine or combination of machines to the work that needs to be performed.
This group is one of the major players of renting construction equipment and currently owns more than 50 bulldozers and other heavy earthmoving equipment, also holds an experience in working with their esteemed clients from Government Departments, municipal corporations as well as highly recognized private sectors in different fields of construction.