H&K India Excels at 2018 MSME Steel Conclave

feature-top Satguru Saran Markan, Deputy MD, H&K India is all set to
receive the Ministry of Steel delegation at the THERMEX stall.
H & K India, which has made a stellar contribution towards the upliftment of India’s steel industry, lead the way at the recently-concluded 2018 MSME Steel Conclave. The one-day event was organised in Mumbai, jointly by the Government of India - Ministry of Steel and Steel Re-rollers Association of Maharashtra. Primarily, the event brought to the forefront some of the many robust initiatives taken by the Ministry of Steel to encourage participation of ‘Made-in-India’, technologyadvanced and environment-friendly MSME steel in various government projects. H&K India, which is credited for transforming India’s MSME steel sector with its modern and relevant technologies, imported into India through the technology-transfer route, was among the key industry participants. The VIP delegation visited and spent about 10 minutes at the H&K India’s special informative stall and learnt about highstrength, high-ductility THERMEX® rebars – ideal for India’s seismic zones. Installed as Version 1 at Steel Authority of India’s Durgapur and Bhilai Steel plants, THERMEX® has been subsequently upgraded to Version 2 and Version 3 and installed in over 260 MSME projects in the Indian subcontinent, Africa and Middle East. Among the many advancements showcased was the special ‘Made-in-India’ quadruple, triple and twin THERMEX® slit quenching equipment where a single rebar that has been slit into 4, 3, or 2 strands gets effectively quenched. Enthusiastic cheers and claps from the entire Government delegation were in store for the history-creating Version 4 THERMEX® - a technology capable of producing Grade B500DWR of International Standard ISO:6935-2 or Grade Fe500S of Indian Standard IS 1786:2008 from plain carbon steel. B500DWR or Fe500S are very high ductility rebars – a pre-requisite for severe seismic hazard areas. These rebars have a strict codal requirement of minimum 1.25 Stress Ratio, which is normally achieved by adding expensive alloys like Vanadium - a high cost solution for manufacturers. But the THERMEX India team successfully commissioned 8mm to 40mm rebars for International Grade B500DWR, using plain carbon steel and no expensive alloys, in just 5 days. This THERMEX® system, designed by son-ofthe- soil Indian engineers in India after years of R&D, was exported to and commissioned in Africa – a reverse technology transfer of sorts. News of this proud ‘Made-in-India’ moment was received very positively by the delegation, stall visitors and conference attendees.