Polyurethane Coating To Protect The Concrete Flooring

We must remember that no other surface in a building takes more abuse than floors, regardless of the type of building, be it industrial or commercial. While a bare concrete floor can withstand tremendous weight and pressure, it is relatively porous and susceptible to significant damage when left untreated or uncoated. If exposed to regular foot traffic or the demands of a commercial environment, concrete will readily absorb dirt, chemicals, oils and other spillages. This often results in stains, cracks and abrasions that can make the floor impossible to clean and unattractive in appearance. Hence all concrete floors need some sort of protection regardless of where they are located. Over the last few years, the protection of concrete floors has gone from essentially nothing to a sophisticated process of some type of protective coating or surfacing. The main purpose is to provide protection to the slab from deterioration or contamination or to provide some added benefits such as aesthetics, wear, nonskid, chemical resistance, ease of maintenance and different other properties. How to choose the protective material for concrete floor in different conditions
Whether you are constructing a new concrete floor or revamping an old one, there are different coatings you can choose to finish the project. We are focusing on coatings that are bonded directly to the surface and offer long term protection and may or may not have some aesthetic value.
Typical coatings that are mostly used for concrete floors include polyurethane & epoxy. Polyurethane (PU) flooring has some added advantages over epoxy flooring, which are as follows.
i. Flexible in nature
ii. UV resistant
iii. Seamless
iv. Slip resistant
v. Abrasion resistant
vi. Scratch resistant
vii. Higher temperature resistant
Fairmate has the following products in PU Flooring Category:

It is self-levelling underlayment of thickness 2mm to 5mm for PU flooring, which has the following advantages:
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- Good levelling properties
- Solvent free
- Fast & easy application
- Economical
- Durable
- Suitable Undercoat screed for variety of PU top coats
- Good chemical resistance
- Excellent adhesion property to concrete
It is PU self-levelling of thickness up to 0.500 mm and it has the following advantages:
- Available in attractive & pleasant RAL colours
- Excellent chemical resistance
- Easily applied by brush or roller
- Excellent protective properties
- Good resistance to abrasion
- Non-dusting & totally seal the concrete surface preventing dusting
- Resistance to thermal shocks