Evolution Of Waterproofing

Aquaflex Roof Premium is a ready-to-use liquid waterproofing membrane, solvent-free and without VOC, formulated by the MAPEI R&D laboratories. Once applied, Aquaflex Roof Premium forms a seamless membrane with 400% elongation capacity that is resistant to atmospheric agents, UV rays and ponding water.
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Also, thanks to the special fillers contained in Aquaflex Roof Premium, it is resistant to foot traffic and may be applied on all walkable areas without an additional protective layer. Aquaflex Roof Premium adheres extremely well to numerous types of substrate and, thanks to its excellent elasticity and crack-bridging capacity (more than 30 min when reinforced with Mapetex 50), it is resistant to dynamic loads and stresses, which normally act on roof structures. The excellent mechanical characteristics of Aquaflex Roof Premium remain stable over the years, which make the product highly durable. Aquaflex can be used for waterproofing the following
- Flat, sloping and curved roofs and roofs with complex shapes
- New and existing roofs
- Terraces, balconies, walkways and walk-able areas in general
Before and after Application of Aquaflex Roof Premium
Aquaflex Roof Premium may be applied on the following
- Concrete
- Cementations screeds and screeds made using special binders (Topcem or Topcem Pronto)
- Ceramic and stone tiles
- Fibre cement slabs
- Existing bituminous membranes
- Galvanized sheet, copper, aluminium, steel and iron Advantages of Using Aquaflex Roof Premium
- High elongation
- Resistant to UV rays
- Resistant to ponding
- Excellent elasticity and crack-bridging
- Perfect adhesion to substrates
- SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) 103
- Solvent-free and no VOC
- CE-Certified in compliance with EN 1504-2
Aquaflex Roof Premium
Innovative water-based Polyurethane Technology Ready-to-use, VOC-free, immediately set to foot traffic and resistant to ponding water: the new waterproofing membrane. Aquaflex Roof Premium is an innovative, easy-to-apply product with a fluid consistency which makes it possible to quickly coat large surfaces, with excellent results and performance characteristics that remain stable over the years.
Bonds perfectly to substrates to guarantee constant,total waterproofing of structures.
Increased Energy Efficiency
The high-reflectance (HR) white version reduces the surface temperature of roofs. This helps increase the energy efficiency of buildings and reduce the heat island effect. The HR version has an SRI value which helps obtain a “Heat Island Reduction” credit in the SS (sustainable sites) category of the LEED V4 protocol.