TUFF Recycled Concrete


Recycling Concrete from Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste into Recycled Concrete Materials (RCM) India has seen a considerable growth in many infrastructure projects in the recent years. Today, India ranks among the top 10 countries in the world generating the highest amount of municipal solid waste. The unfortunate part of the story is that a huge chunk of waste goes untreated. The issue of dumping C&D waste into landfills has been one of the key reasons why the Court had to intervene and prevent BMC from providing approvals for building construction for several months in Mumbai City. Environmentally sustainable practices are integrated in the manufacturing processes and value chain across businesses at Godrej. Our efforts to achieve our sustainability goals includes a range of initiatives from energy efficiency and water conservation at our manufacturing sites, to promoting IGBC / LEED-certified green buildings. Keeping this in mind Godrej Construction in line with the commitment that Godrej Group has towards building a greener India through its Good & Green initiative, has ventured into manufacturing Recycled Concrete Materials (RCM) for construction activities. It is one of the first organised private players in India, those who have invested in state-of-the-art machinery that recycles concrete debris into Recycled Concrete products such as Blocks and Pavers at Vikhroli, Mumbai. This plant manufactures products with the minimum ecological footprint. These products meet the Codal requirements and match the strength of concrete manufactured using virgin stone aggregates from quarries. The RCM plant recycles concrete in a controlled environment. The right amount and mix of materials contribute to resource conservation and minimal wastage. The manufacturing facility can produce blocks and pavers of varying shapes, sizes and colour options (for pavers) at a full capacity of 170 cubic metres a day. It is capable of manufacturing 36,000 blocks per day that include:
- TUFF Solid Recycled Blocks
- TUFF Hollow Recycled Blocks that are light weight
- TUFF Insulated Recycled Blocks with thermal insulation properties
- TUFF Flyash Recycled Blocks
And about 54,000 Pavers per day that Include:
- TUFF Zigza
- TUFF Trihex
- TUFF Euphrates
- TUFF Colorado
Not only do we recycle concrete debris, our TUFF Recycled Concrete Materials product range is itself 100% recyclable and Green Pro certified. We believe that such initiatives help promote the circular economy by easing the increasing demand for natural resources and help our society by reducing the need for dumping of construction and demolition waste into landfills. Besides, Godrej Construction offers a wide range of construction materials which include specially engineered Ready Mix Concrete, TUFF range of AAC blocks & Pavers, Ready Mix Plaster and Mortar etc.
USP of TUFF Recycled Concrete Material products is that the TUFF recycled concrete blocks are superior in many ways. They are weather-proof owing to their low water absorbing quality. They are quite versatile in their usage application and are three times stronger than conventional clay bricks. Unlike clay bricks, these have minimal wastage during transportation, usage and handling. Thus, it helps save time and cost. TUFF recycled concrete pavers last longer than standard concrete or asphalt. Flexible in structure, they are suited to seismic hot zones because they adapt to distortion. Maintaining and repairing pavers is cost-effective and efficient; only the units that are damaged need to be replaced.
Environmental Benefits of Using Recycled Concrete Materials:
- Water: Recycling one ton of cement could save more than 5,000 litres of water.
- Carbon Footprint: Recycling one ton of cement could save more than 900 kg of CO2.
For further information, please contact:
Mr. Abhijeet Gawde
Head- Business Development & Marketing
Godrej Construction
E: construction@godrej.com
M: + 91 992 099 9991
Others Benefits:
- Landfill Issue: It offers a way to reduce landfill waste and landfill space
- Circular Economy: Using recycled material reduces the need for mining for virgin raw materials.
Godrej Construction has received the ‘Green Pro’ certificate from Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) for TUFF Recycled Concrete Blocks & Pavers making them very beneficial for use in Green building constructions. These products can help secure more points for a higher Green Building rating.
Today, even the stone aggregates market is highly volatile and facing a lot of shortage due to government bans because of undue pressure on quarries resulting in intermittent stoppages of work due to nonavailability of aggregates. All such events directly/ indirectly eventually result in pressure on the timelines and cost of the project. The use of Recycled Concrete Materials would also help reduce the pressure on quarries to generate more stone aggregates and natural river sand. It would help reduce the increased demand and related strain for natural resources, thus reducing further degradation of the environment. This would also help reduce dumping of concrete construction waste into landfills.
The company is also exploring the possibility of using Recycled Concrete Materials for Acropods, Tetrapods, street furniture, Garden Furniture and other non-structural concrete elements which could avoid large scale use of virgin natural materials. Godrej Construction has urged builders, construction teams and design practitioners who are committed to reducing the negative impact of construction activities on the environment to divert construction and demolition (C&D) materials from being disposed into the dumping grounds. Instead, consider the usage of Recycled Concrete Materials to the maximum extent possible. The company is extremely happy to state that our TUFF range of Recycled Concrete Material Products are getting wide acceptance from many leading environmentally conscious players in the industry.