SDLG Celebrates RD730 Road Roller Launch in Indonesia

In 2018, Indonesia plans to build 856 km of new roads across the archipelago as part of the government’s infrastructure push, according to The Economist. To meet this increased demand for reliable and productive road construction equipment, SDLG recently launched the RD730 3 t - rated road roller in Indonesia.
The RD730 is ideal for general road compaction, from small- to large-scale infrastructure projects such as roads, highways and airports. The new high-torque road roller can handle compressing, kneading and sealing tasks for high quality, smooth roads.
The RD730 features a Kubota D1803-ME3B engine to offer 24.8 kW of power at 2,400 rpm, maximum compaction width of 1,200 mm and maximum speed of 10.5 km/h. The RD730 uses proven hydraulic components to provide even and high tractive force across the front and rear drives. Operators can easily change vibration frequencies from 55 Hz to 67 Hz to meet paving requirements. The machine also features a 220-litre water tank, so operators can easily adjust the time between water sprays to the drums and spend less time refilling.