The State of Asia’s Real Estate Technology

A 2017 Yardi sponsored survey and report completed by Mingtiandi on the state of Asia’s real estate industry, which grew by $867 billion in China, Hong Kong and Singapore in 2016 and accounts for about 20% of China’s GDP. Companies and technology providers are moving fast to align Asia’s real estate technology with the rest of the world. Property management technology companies in the Asia Pacific region have received $7.8 billion in investments since 2013, accounting for 60% of global property management technology investments in that time.
More than 55% of respondents perceive Pair of Volvo EC210D hydraulic excavators is hard at work helping to build the first highway in Lampung province, Indonesia. The 140.9-km Bakauheni-Terbanggi Besar toll road is part of the Trans-Sumatra Toll Road, which will connect Lampung in the south to Aceh in the north along the east of Sumatra Island.
The EC210D excavators are helping to load and unload 1,200 tons of stones to build the base course of the Trans-Sumatra Toll Road. Working between five to 12 hours a day, depending on the rain, the EC210Ds also help with land preparation work and lifting materials for the road construction. Designed to increase productivity and reduce fuel consumption, the robust EC210D crawler excavator features a maximum bucket capacity of 1.22 m3, a maximum slew speed of 12.3 r/min and a maximum slew torque of 76.7 kNm. The EC210D Asia as trailing the West in the adoption of technology within the real estate industry; less than 12% saw Asia as the leader. Almost 77% regard real estate as trailing other industries in technology adoption; less than 6% regard property companies as leaders. More than 83% consider access to information a competitive necessity. More than 42% manage leasing, sales and property management on spreadsheets. 43% identify internal resistance to change as the single largest barrier to adopting online tools for improving workflows and streamlining operations