An Economic Choice For Material Lifting


Mini Lift is an economic choice for material lifting. This is a safe product to lift sand, bricks, concrete, cement, tiles, marbles, steel rods, paint buckets, glasses or any other building material. This is widely used in high rise buildings, water proofing, open pit mining, building foundation, dams and bridges.
- Lifting Capacity 300 kg/500 kg
- Winch and Hoist Mechanism are used
- Mini lift is operated without any foundation
- Counter weight mechanism is used to self-balancing
- 360 degree rotation to its rotational axis
feature-top Spokesperson:
Jayesh Vadukiya
Managing Director
New Age Construction Equipment Engg. Co.
M: 9510110776
- Manufactured in detachable parts for portability
- Start and stop by push button
- Easy installation and operation
- Affordable prices
Technical Specifications:
- 10mm dia wire rope is provided for 25 to 125 m height of construction
- Top Limit Switch is given to prevent over travel of the attachments in upward direction thereby preventing it from damage to the Jib
- Auto electro mechanical break holding hanging weight comes with a lever to manually lower the load in absence of power
- Control System: DOL Starter Type
- Winch Motor Cover is provided for protection against falling debris & material
- Control Unit (STANDARD): Up / Down Auto Electro mechanical break
- 2 Coats of Primer & 2 coats of enamel paint for rust prevention
- Rotatable Hook can be rotated 360 degrees, so it prevents stress on rope, so longer rope life.
- Rope Pulley Bearing provided for rope pulley, so less load come to motor
- Oscillating type arm: arm length is too long for safer working conditions, customized as per customer requirement can be rotated 360 degrees
- Balancing weight: It is used for balancing hanging load for rotating condition
Safety Features:
- Auto Mechanical brakes on power and/or drive failure
- Counter weight system for balancing
- Upper height limit stop for basket automatically
- Tested bucket chain
- Boom rotation locking system
- Lifting capacity is tested with full load before dispatch by us Attachments
- Wheel barrow - Galvanized body frame is used for resistant to chemicals and oxidant. Applications are lifting concrete, send, bricks, cement bag, grit etc. Capacity: 200 kg/litres.
- Brick handling basket - Applications are lifting bricks, cement bag, buckets etc. Capacity: 500 kg. Size: 0.85m X 0.85m X 0.45m.
- Glass & marble lifter - Applications are lifting Glass marble etc. Capacity: 350 kg. Size: 3m x 2 m x 0.40 m.
- Mini lift bucket - Applications are lifting bricks, Concrete, cement bag, buckets etc. Capacity: 500 kg. Size: 0.95m X 0.95m X 0.55m.