Volvo CE Sustainability – Moving From Words To Action


In recent years, the Indian government has launched ambitious sustainability programmes such as creating 175 GW of renewable energy and reducing the energy intensity per unit of Gross Domestic Product by 30% from the 2005 levels. At Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE), caring for the environment and playing an active, responsible role in society has always been important.
Volvo CE follows three guiding principles: quality, safety and environmental care.
The team is committed to building the highest quality machines, so models use the latest technology to deliver better productivity and longer uptime. Similarly, Volvo CE’s attention to greater safety has helped the company create some of the most advanced operator cabs in this, or any industry. And being committed to environmental care has led Volvo CE to produce machines that achieve its famous fuel-saving capabilities.
Triple Zero and 10x
Volvo CE has also set four key technology challenges called Triple Zero and 10x: zero emissions, zero accidents, zero unplanned stops and 10x higher efficiency. To help Volvo CE achieve its goals, the company is focusing on electro-mobility, intelligent machines and total site solutions. “We believe this will help us achieve our ambitious goals and pave the way for a sustainable construction industry,” Dimitrov Krishnan, Vice President and Head of Volvo CE India.
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Volvo’s “zero” targets are clearly defined:
1. Zero emissions will help make customers’ businesses more environmentally sustainable.
2. Zero accidents will come from pioneering safety innovations where machines could instinctively avoid accidents – generating a completely safe working environment.
3. Zero unplanned stops will create a world without machine breakdowns, where machines predict and plan their own maintenance – making unplanned stops a thing of the past.
4. Our 10x higher efficiency goal is directly connected to the electrification of construction equipment and site optimization, which we believe will dramatically reduce energy consumption.
Volvo takes a holistic approach to environmental care - addressing continuous improvements within the total enterprise, all the way from product planning and development, manufacturing and supply, and product use to recyclability and end-of-life for the products.