Construction Chemicals For Smart Buildings

Day-by-day, the urban populations grow largely, and researchers have also predicted that approximately 75% of the world’s population will live in cities by the year 2050. Before we get into such population density, it is a must to optimize our cities and make them smart and a better place to live in.
Construction of a smart city calls for the latest technologies in building, keeping in mind, the variables like sustainability, liveability, social inclusiveness, and efficiency. Use of Construction chemicals will not only give life to the structures but also avoid future problems and give longevity to the structure. Construction materials with easy and faster application with required durability has become the need of the hour now. Mapei, with its innovative approach and strong technical back up offers a wide range of value added products.
Self-Compacting Concrete
Dynamon SX, a high-performance, water reducing admixture for concrete, is based on polycarboxylate technology and belongs to MAPEI’s Dynamon system. Dynamon SX meets the requirements of ASTM C494 Type F and AASHTO M194 Type F. Dynamon SX can be used when concrete requires a high level of workability and excellent mechanical properties when the concrete is hardened.
Uses of Dynamon SX
Dynamon SX has been designed for use in ready-mix and precast/ pre-stress applications and where there is the need for greater water reduction, along with high mechanical strength at all ages. Its performance makes it particularly suitable for manufacturing selfconsolidating concrete (SCC). Dynamon SX ensures high workability and cohesiveness in all concrete mixes. The main application of Dynamon SX is the production of:
- Concrete for high mechanical performance with long retention of slump
- Concrete for durable structures
- Concrete with mid- or high-strength performance
Corrosion Inhibiting Admixture
Mapeplast CNI is a chloride-free, ready to use aqueous solution of Calcium Nitrite exhibiting a neutral concrete setting time. It complies with
ASTM G109 and C494 requirements for type C admixtures. While having corrosion inhibiting properties, Mapeplast CNI will perform without the accelerating effect associated with normal Calcium Nitrite.
Calcium Nitrite inhibits corrosion by reacting with ferrous ions at rebar level to form a stable passive film of ferric oxide (Fe2O3) on the reinforcement steel, around the anode according to the following:
2FE++ + 2OH- + 2NO2 ?2NO + FE2O3 + H2O
Calcium Nitrite promotes the stabilization of the passivating layer of oxide normally found on the reinforcing steel in concrete. Its protective mechanism works through repairing the defects that usually occur in the oxide structure, thus preventing chloride ions from penetrating the pure ion of metal. The induced barrier is insoluble and after determining the chloride content, the appropriate addition amount of Mapeplast CNI should be specified to ensure the durability of the concrete structure. Mapeplast CNI is fully compatible with the Mapefluid range of concrete admixtures. All admixtures should be dispensed separately to obtain the desired results. The water cement ratio should be adjusted taking into consideration the water available in Mapeplast CNI in order to maintain the desired water cement ratio. The water added at the batching plant should be reduced to compensate for the addition of Mapeplast CNI by 0.85 of a litre for water per litre of Calcium Nitrite
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added. Mapeplast CNI is compatible with all types of Portland cements and Pozzolanic cements. There is however significant variations and standards between cements even within the same type, so differences in reaction to any concrete additive may occur with different cements. Special attention should be given to mix designs containing ground granulated blast furnace slag.
Advantages of Mapeplast CNI:
- Provides proven protection for reinforcing steel
- Significant improvement in concrete durability extends lifetimes and decreases cost of maintenance and repairs
- Exhibits neutral setting time for the concrete
- Easy to use
- Increases compressive strength
- Can be used in pre-stressed and post-tensioned concrete in vertical and horizontal members
Heat Resistant Coating
Aquaflex Roof HR is a ready-to-use waterproofing; white product, with high solar reflectance and thermal index (SRI) of 105, for external applications made from synthetic resins in water dispersion, and when dry forms a continuous, flexible waterproofing membrane.
Aquaflex Roof HR is resistant to all atmospheric conditions and UV rays, and guarantees long-lasting protection for the substrate. Aquaflex Roof HR is easy to apply using a longhaired roller, brush or spray on horizontal, sloping or vertical surfaces. Once dry, Aquaflex Roof HR forms a strong, flexible, tack-free dry surface, suitable for occasional light foot traffic. Thanks to its flexibility, Aquaflex Roof HR will withstand normal expansion/ contraction stresses caused by temperature variations. Thanks to its high reflectance index, Aquaflex Roof HR helps lower the working temperature of roofs and guarantees good energy performance properties of all the layers of the roof. Aquaflex Roof HR lowers the surface temperature of the roof by more than 50% compared with a dark coloured covering. Thanks to its SRI value of 105, Aquaflex Roof HR
helps qualify for LEED credits by reducing the heat island effect of roofs. Aquaflex Roof HR complies with the principles defined in EN 1504-9 (Products and systems for protecting and repairing concrete structures: definitions, requirements, quality control and conformity assessment. General principles for the use of products and systems) and the requirements of EN 1504-2 coating (C) according to principles PI, MC and IR (Concrete surface protection systems).
Characteristics and Advantages of Aquaflex Roof HR:
- 83% solar reflectance
- 91% thermal emissivity
- SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) 105
- Reduces the surface temperature of roofs by 50% compared with a dark coloured covering
- Resistant to atmospheric agents and UV rays
- Easy to apply
- Elastic with high crack-bridging capacity (300%)
- Excellent adhesion to a multitude of surfaces
- Resistant to light foot traffic
- Supplied ready for use
Fast Track Liquid Waterproofing Membrane
Mapelastic AquaDefense is a totally solvent-free, ready-to-use, ultra-quick drying, one-component light blue, synthetic resin-based paste in water dispersion. Mapelastic AquaDefense is easy to apply using a long-haired roller, brush or trowel on horizontal, sloping and vertical surfaces. Mapelastic AquaDefense dries very quickly to form a flexible membrane without a sticky surface. It is resistant to light pedestrian traffic after just 3 hours and forms an excellent grip with all types of adhesive for laying ceramic, stone material and mosaic of all kinds. The flexible nature of Mapelastic AquaDefense helps it withstand normal movements caused by expansion and shrinkage of the substrate due to temperature variations and vibration. Tiles laid on floors waterproofed with Mapelastic AquaDefense by using C2F-class MAPEI adhesives (such as Granirapid, Elastorapid, etc.) and grouted with Ultracolor Plus may be opened to pedestrian traffic within 12 hours of starting the work. Mapelastic AquaDefense is resistant to water, lime-water (pH> 12), and detergents commonly used for cleaning residential environments.
Advantages of Mapelastic AquaDefense
- Mapelastic AquaDefense is supplied ready to use.
- Mapelastic AquaDefense is a rapid product: – resists rainwater 1 hour after applying the first coat and 3 hours after applying the second coat.
– Ceramic may be bonded after 4 hours (at +23°C and 50% R.H. when applied on a dry screed with less than 3% residual moisture).
- Mapelastic AquaDefense is elastic: at +23°C it has 3.2 mm crackbridging capacity without reinforcement.
High Performance Light Weight Adhesive
Ultralite S2 is a grey powder made from cement, selected graded sand, a high amount of synthetic resin and micro-spheres of recycled silica material which helps to make the mix lighter, according to a special formula developed in MAPEI’s Research Laboratories, to offer a valid contribution towards the development of sustainable buildings. Ultralite S2 gives it a lower density, which offers two main advantages:
1) Bags of Ultralite S2 have the same volume but weigh less (15 kg) than bags of conventional cementitious adhesive (25 kg) as this ensures easier handling and savings in transport costs.
2) Higher yield: yield is approximately 80% higher than MAPEI S2-class, two-component cementitious adhesives.
Ultralite S2 mix has a low viscosity, which makes it easier and quicker to apply. The product’s excellent buttering capacity on the backs of tiles means that the double buttering technique may be avoided when laying large tiles in internal environments. Its excellent back-face buttering capacity also makes this adhesive particularly suitable for laying thin porcelain tiles. The application of Ultralite S2 using the double-buttering technique on flat substrates ensures that there are absolutely no gaps in the adhesive on the backs of the tiles, thus avoiding the risk of fracture when in service. When mixed with water, Ultralite S2 forms a mortar with the following characteristics:
- Excellent capacity of absorbing deformations in the substrate and in the tiles
- Excellent buttering capacity on the backs of tiles
- Bonds perfectly to all materials normally used in the building industry
- Particularly long open time and adjustment time to make laying operations easier
Classifications According to EN 12004
Ultralite S2 is a C2E S2-class cementitious (C), improved (2), with extended open time (E), highly deformable (S2) adhesive. Conformity of Ultralite S2 is declared in ITT certificate no. 25110055/AG (TUM) and no. 25110056/AG (TUM) issued by the Technische Universität München laboratory (Germany).
feature-top Uses of Ultralite S2
- Bonding all types and sizes of ceramic tiles (double-fired, singlefired, porcelain, clinker, terracotta) on internal and external substrates.
- Bonding stone on internal and external surfaces (only stone, which is stable and not sensitive to humidity).
- Bonding all types and sizes of thin porcelain tiles on floors and walls, including external façades.
- Bonding all types of mosaic on internal and external substrates even in swimming-pools. Specifically developed for large-sized tiles to be laid on large surface areas without double buttering. Because of its high buttering capacity on the backs of tiles, it is particularly suitable for laying any type of thin porcelain tile (using the double buttering technique), including on thermal insulation systems such as Mapetherm Tile System.
Use of Construction Chemicals with latest technology as listed above makes the construction of a smart building with good durability, faster and easy application. Mapei also have products for resilient, LVT and textile materials, products for acoustic insulation, products for architectural stone paving, and products for thermal insulation. Waterproofing products for Swimming pools, Terrace garden etc. The details of these products could be found in the website. feature-top