Pavement Concrete By Sika

Concrete pavements are preferred over flexible pavements because of their durability and other advantages. The concrete pavement acts as both a load bearing, and a wearing course. Compressive strength, flexural strength and abrasion resistance are some of the key requirements of the concrete pavements. There are several methods to improve the flexural strength of the concrete. When properly designed, produced and applied, it is always characterized by high degree of durability.
Pavement Concrete Pavement concrete acts as both a load bearing and a wearing course. To meet the requirements for both courses, concrete must have the following properties:
- High flexural strength
- Freeze/Thaw resistance, depending upon climate and expected exposure
- Good skid resistance

- Low abrasion The composition is a vital factor in achieving the desired requirements. The criteria for selection of the various constituents are as follows:
Aggregates - Use of low fine mixes
- Use of a balanced particle size distribution curve
- Crushed or partly crushed aggregate increases the skid resistance and flexural strength
Cementitious Content: - 340 - 425 kg, ordinary Portland cement
- Fly Ash: As a filler and as a cement replacement 15%-25% may be used.
- Silica fume: For heavily impacted areas or to generally increase the durability.
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- Admixtures: Super plasticizers are used to reduce the water content for making optimized concrete mix and to get the required consistency at the required period of time.
Sika ViscoCrete Technology
Highly efficient superplasticizer technology based on versatile PCE polymers. The polymers can be modified according to required properties of concrete:
- Workability
- Water reduction
- High compressive strength
- High flexural strength
Curing Concrete
Curing of concrete is very essential to any type of concrete. It is more important especially for roads concrete because of large exposed surface area. On such exposed surface the loss of water is faster on the top surface causing shrinkage. The interior set concrete restrain the shrinkage of the top surface concrete due to which stresses develop within the concrete, which exceed the concrete’s tensile strength leading to formation of cracks. At the fresh stage when water curing is not possible special aluminized resin curing compounds are applied to overcome the curing problem.
Sika Antisol
Wax based curing compund for DLC concrete and Aluminized resin based for top of pavement, which is a reflective curing compound which contains sufficient aluminium in finaly divided dispersion to produce a complete coverage, which contains sufficient aluminum in finely divided dispersion to produce a complete coverage of the spread surface with a metallic finish. It gives the following advantages:
- Reduced shrinkage
- High strength in particular at surface zone
- Improved surface appearance
- Increased abrasion resistance
- Lower water permeability and lower carbonation rate
- Ultimately higher durability feature-top