LiuGong Chairman, Zeng Guang’an, Honoured with the “Leading Figure of First International Capacity Cooperation” Award

Organized by the International Cooperation Centre of China’s National Development and Reform Commission & Silk Road International Productivity Cooperation Promotion Center, the “First International Capacity Cooperation Leading Forum” was held on 9th September in Beijing. In communicating with the media, Zeng Guang’an said LiuGong, as a construction equipment manufacturer, had taken on the globalization path earlier and had accumulated relative experience in the area. To LiuGong, international capacity cooperation is necessary; keeping innovation and R&D based on the needs of customers and markets is equally important.
Not long after LiuGong started its international business, Chairman Zeng Guang’an sent a message to encourage development: "Nothing in the world can be accomplished by following stereotypes. Fight for it, and it will not beunnecessarily difficult." And so far, this is still the motto for LiuGong people to open up overseas markets. In 2003, led by Mr. Zeng, who was President of LiuGong Machinery at the time, a delegation went to Morocco in North Africa and laid the first brick of LiuGong's internationalization by signing its first overseas dealer in the distant Casablanca, this is considered to be the start of LiuGong’s international business with localized product support. In 2005, LiuGong launched a slogan of “We are Global” and became an endorsement of Mr. ZengGuang’an’s globalized vision and LiuGong’s ambition to take on the world.