Toronto’s Vertical Forest

Brisbin Brook Beynon, a local architecture firm, is already giving the city a leg up on that goal, albeit in an unconventional way: a 27-story residential building that will be covered with around 450 trees, growing on its balconies and roofs. This “vertical forest,” as BBB terms it, takes inspiration from the Bosco Verticale–residential towers in Milan that went up in 2014 with as many as 11,000 plants lining the sides. Toronto Skyscraper to Have Greenery Lining Covered with 450 Trees. For Brian Brisbin, bringing the vertical forest concept to Toronto aligned perfectly with the mayor’s goals for increasing tree coverage. And when he began researching the concept by studying the Bosco Verticale, he realized that all of the technology that enabled the Milanese building to function originated in Canada and North America.
Brisbin added that this made, bringing the concept to Toronto feel much more feasible. They have a lot of depth of specialty in this area in Toronto, with horticultural and agricultural universities and research facilities and they have brought a lot of together to take a very science-based approach to developing this project