Innovative Technologies For Bridges & Roads


Today the Infrastructure development in India has been among the focussed priorities with large scale investments planned in both public works as well as private development projects. Large scale highway constructions and other public infrastructure projects have been initiated by the State and Central Governments. At the same time, private investments in projects, in the form of BOT, PPP basis is increasing.
The condition of most of the roads is pathetic, especially during the monsoon. The reason is simple; water entering the roads is the main cause of damage. The life of the roads can be increased by providing proper side drains and water-resistant
top layer. STP Ltd is one of the oldest companies associated with waterproofing. Over the years STP Ltd has developed
feature-top Spokesperson:
Mr. Hasan Rizvi
Sr.Vice President,
specially ShaliSeal RSTC, which is a coal Tar based sealer and almost unaffected by water. This product has been tried in small patched and has given incredible results. Bitumen has been used as a Paving Material since 18th Century. It deteriorates under sun’s ultraviolet rays, gets dissolved by Petrochemicals, attacked by chemicals, de-icing salts etc. Presently bitumen-based fog sealers are used in India. We all know bitumen gets weakened by water. We need to use a water-resistant sealer in roads; the answer is ShaliSeal RSTC from STP Ltd, this is an incredible product set to revolutionize the Indian Roads.
ShaliSeal RSTC:
  • Top coat road slurry for enhancing road life by preventing water ingress
  • This is a refined coal tar-based emulsion, designed to protect asphalt pavement
  • Resists ultraviolet radiation
  • Resists Fuel impregnation
  • Reduces aging of Asphalt reduce maintenance
Bridge Deck Waterproofing: Bridges are one of the major life lines in connecting people. They need to be protected from one of their major silent enemy that is water. STP Ltd has been associated with Bridge deck waterproofing using SuperThermoLay APP membrane. These membranes prevent the ingress of water into the Bridge concrete, thus preventing harmful ingredients from damaging the concrete. This system has been done successfully on number of bridges in India. The Process consist of application of Shalitex Primer followed by torching of SuperThermoLay APP membrane 3 or 4mm thick followed by overlay of bituminous wearing course, followed by Application of ShaliSeal RSTC.
Coloured Slurry Seal: ShaliSeal CSS-A: Bitumen is black due to presence of Asphaltene. Bitumen fails to provide coloured surfaces, which is required to serve specific purpose.
  • Long lasting colour options
  • Increased road safety, higher contrast
  • Greater illumination inside tunnels
  • Reduced lighting in tunnels
  • Greater creativity for landscape
  • Differentiates in pavement functions
  • Attractiveness of sport venues
  • Durable and easy to maintain
ShaliPatch: Instant, Convenient & Durable System to Repair damaged BC. It’s a blend of Bitumen, aggregates anti- Stripping agent & other Chemicals, Place ShaliPatch directly from the poly bag into the pothole. No heating or road roller required. ShaliPatch EC: Repair of cracks in Rigid & Flexible pavement by cold applied polymerized elastomeric concrete Expansion joints are an integral part of structures where thermal movements are pronounced because of their dimensions. ShaliSeal PU 2K is one of the most economical PU based Sealants developed by STP LTD, which is more effective then Polysulphide sealant. STP Limited, an Indian Company with over 80 years backing, is the most trusted name in the field of Coal tar/Bitumen/ Construction Chemicals, for its Quality & Services and is the most preferred brand in the market.