Sustainable Buildings For A Better Tomorrow

India promises to be one of the leading countries in the future to have maximum green building footprints holistically addressing the ecological issues and concerns. Green as a buzzword has caused fancy of many such as the policymakers, architects, stakeholders who have identified its potential in the coming future. This has encouraged many green products manufactures to innovate products, materials to develop sustainable and green buildings. The steady increase in demand for green construction has brought down the cost of products, services, and materials, thus making green buildings affordable. Even if green building promises a healthy one, there are some myths that the green projects are costlier than regular ones. However, the fact is the price difference is minimal, easily recovered over subsequent years of usage and the benefits provided by the project.
Green buildings, which would be less costly than conventional buildings that use less energy, water, and other natural resources; creates less waste and greenhouse gases and is healthy for people living or working inside as compared to a regular structure.