Long Beach Port Commission Approves $870M Budget For Rail Yard Expansion

The Board of Harbor Commissioners has approved a budget of $870m for the construction of Pier B On-Dock Rail Support Facility at the Port of Long Beach, US. The facility, which is being established as part of the port’s $1bn rail improvement programme, has been designed to shift more shipping containers from trucks to rail. It is expected to result in a more efficient and sustainable transfer of cargo, helping the Port of Long Beach to remain competitive and meet environmental targets.
Currently, the port’s ability to build long trains is limited due to the lack of adequate yard tracks and the configuration of mainline tracks. The Pier B facility is expected to change this by providing track space to join sections of trains assembled at terminals. A one-mile train can take as many as 750 trucks off the roadways.
Projects like the Pier B On-Dock Rail Support Facility show our commitment to finding ways to deliver operational excellence for our customers while reducing environmental impacts on the community. This development is strategically planned to deliver several key improvements within the next six years. These will provide major incremental benefits to the Port’s on-dock rail network, improving the flow of cargo to and from our marine terminals.