Eyiste Viaduct – A Record Breaking Project That Connects

Formwork expertise from Doka is much in demand right now for construction of the country’s highest viaduct. With piers up to 155 metres tall, the Eyiste Viaduct will be the connecting link between Central Anatolia and Turkey’s Mediterranean region, shortening travel time between the cities of Konya and Alanya. Cantilever forming travellers and Automatic climbing formwork Xclimb 60 from Doka are in use on this major bridge project.
1,372 metres in length and carried by 2 abutments and 8 piers, the viaduct will span the Göksu River near Bagbasi District. The superstructure of the balanced cantilever bridge has nine spans, the longest of which is 170 metres. The piers vary in height from 31 to 155 metres. Work started in March 2017 and the structure is scheduled to open for traffic in June 2020. The bridge’s superstructure is constructed by the balanced cantilever method, which is ideal for long spans and has established itself as the method of choice for bridge-building projects in Turkey.