RSP - The Best Solution For External Painting


Traditionally bamboos and H-frames are used for external painting works. But technology has introduced new arrangements with the most advance safety parameters. Rope Suspended Platforms (RSP), which is commonly known as Gondola (or cradle, or working platform), now widely used in India for working at height for external plastering, glass facade and painting works. This is an easy-to-use and efficient solution for external works. Earlier the RSP market was limited and only used by big façade contractors but in the last three years all big paint manufacturing companies and painting

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Santosh Chaurasia, General Manager – Sales & Marketing
New Age Construction Equipment Engg. Co.
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applicators have shown their interest towards our machines. The market extended unexpectedly and now more than our 3,500 machines are used across India. We are covering almost all big and high-rise projects for RSP solution. Let us discuss the differentiation chart in detail.
NEWAGE CONSTRUCTION EEC played the vital role to change the concept of Indian market for replacing the unsafe mechanism by using an easy, safe and cost-effective system, which is called RSP. Earlier, suspended platforms meant a 7.5-metre straight structure design, but the company developed different designs of RSP in its factory at Rajkot, Gujarat.
The custom-shape suspended platforms introduced with special specifications and it was tailored to meet the requirements on the construction of irregular buildings. The different Customised Platforms like L-type (90 degree), C-Shape, Curve-Shape, W-Shape, Square-Shape, Round-Shape, Multiple Front Extension Platforms, and multiple modifications in suspension mechanism/ parapet clamping/ wall brackets introduced first time in India by NEWAGE.
The customization of RSP is the revolution in external painting mechanism and it replaced the necessity of bamboos and metal scaffoldings. RSP is safe machine and it saves a big amount of overall project cost.