How MB’s Drum Cutters Can Solve Your Productivity Woes


Laterite is a soil and rock type rich in iron and aluminium, from the typical reddish-brown colour, commonly considered to have formed in hot and wet tropical areas, and used in agricultural, road constructions and building. In a big laterite quarry site in the Southern part of India, a company had a specific requirement for breaking vertical bench and required a productivity of more than 30 MT/hrs. Initially they were using loading bucket and hydraulic breaker for the primary excavation. The output size was too large and inconsistent (150 mm to >200 mm) after using hydraulic breaker, whereas their output requirements were between 0 mm to 100 mm.
They found a perfect solution to their daily challenges in the MB-R800 cutter head, a machine recently launched by MB Crusher. Well, they found even more; a
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way to profit. They installed the drum cutter in their Hyundai R220L series excavator. Even more the MB cutter head fits well to their excavators and delivers the required output with ease, without requiring any technical adjustments. Thus far, customer was unable to satisfy their requirements but thanks to MB-R800, they are now able to meet their needs in a most efficient manner. Furthermore, with MB’s Drum Cutter, their overall productivity increased and today, they can feed more material to its contractors / clients in the same stipulated time.
MB Drum Cutters are the only cutters in the world fitted with the special patented system - direct drive twin motor system - which allows the differentiated distribution of power to the two cutting heads. In the case of operations on materials of varying hardness, the MB Drum Cutters adapt, applying power in proportion to the hardness of the material in question encountered by the two independent drums: this results in improved stability and no stress on the excavator arm.
Thanks to its compact, agile and efficient design, MB Crusher drum cutters can be fitted on any excavator model, of any make. MB Drum Cutters work without difficulty in city centres, where vibrations and noises must be contained, and they are also designed to carry out works underwater. Applications include road construction, tunnelling and trenching. MB Crusher products are environment friendly cost effective and help customers generate higher profit margin.