Light Weight Concrete Solution From Nuvoco


The construction industry, today, has access to a wider range of improved quality and innovative building materials than ever before. Advances in technology also give rise to expectations that the material used is not only durable; but economical, and, easy to use.
Innovation is synonymous with Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd. [formerly Lafarge India Limited]. To us, it means developing new construction solutions that fill the existing voids in the industry, while also meeting the specific needs of each client in every market.
One such offering is XLite (Light Weight Concrete - LWC); a low density
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and thermally efficient concrete, made by replacing some or all the normal weight aggregates with lightweight aggregates like polystyrene beads, bloated clay and fly ash aggregates. LWC mixes are commonly used in the construction industry where weight savings is an important factor. Due to its quick turnaround time and consistent quality; Light Weight Concrete scores highly over other frequently used materials like brickbat coba. It weighs approximately 50% less than normal concrete; but has the same strength. This is a significant reduction in dead load; thereby making it a breakthrough solution for high rise structures. Some of its most common uses are with floors, roofs, deck slabs and sunken areas.
XLite’s major characteristics are its speed of application, safe and clean work place, ease in placement, and increased durability. It is faster as it replaces the conventional bricks/block laying method, which is highly time-consuming. It provides a safer and cleaner work place with no
labour involved to handle brickbats, blocks, cement, sand, foaming chemical, and the like. The placement of the concrete is also uncomplicated; as it spreads easily, can be pumped, and incurs low labour cost for transit and placing.
Case Study
The Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M), one of the premier engineering institutes of the country,
needed new block floors added to their existing chemistry building. The structure consisted of inverted beams, each of which were a foot in thickness and placed on top of a slab. The IIT Madras team wanted the area around the beam to be filled without adding much dead load to the overall structure, which would also offer superior cohesion and low water absorption. Further, the project had to be completed in a short period of 10 days as the building could not be closed for access for long. Nuvoco worked with the institute’s construction team and recommended Light Weight Concrete. It offered a density of 1,500 kg per cubic metre, thereby reducing structural weight. At the same time, it was cost efficient in terms of labour and ease in application. Additionally, it set faster than the available alternatives like brickbat coba or light weight blocks; hence ideal for the short time frame in which the project had to be wrapped up.