Delhi Metro Phase IV To Be Ready By 2025

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) had estimated that nearly 40 lakh commuters will use its network, once Phase III project is completed. However, after a double-phased fare hike in 2017, the metro ridership has slid down to 2015 levels and is being clocked at around 25 lakh per day. According to the report, assuming that there will be a 14% hike in fares once every two years, considering the increase in the Consumer Price Index and input costs of operations, the Delhi Metro has prepared the Financial Internal Rate of Return (FIRR).

‘Financing Options, Fare Structure and Financial Viability’, the segment pegs the daily average metro ridership at 15.50 lakh by 2031 and 22.32 lakh by 2041. The segment is a part of annexures of the draft Cabinet note of the project.

The proposed corridors of Delhi Metro’s Phase IV project, which are likely to be commissioned in 2025, are expected to carry more than 10 lakh commuters per day. According to an IE report, the projections, part of the financial viability segment of the Delhi Metro’s Phase IV Detailed Project Report (DPR) are being factored in by the government of Delhi before approving the project at the next Cabinet meeting. The matter of Delhi Metro’s estimates gains importance because the Delhi Finance department is of the view that the six proposed corridors would not qualify for a high capacity metro even in the year 2031.