Nevada’s Desert - A Smart City Powered By Blockchain Technology

Jeffrey Berns, who made a fortune selling crypto currency last year, plans to transform the 67,000 acre (27,113-hectare) plot in the north of the US state after paying reportedly paying $170 million (£130 million) for the land. The site is known as Innovation Park, which neighbours hubs of major tech giants including Google, Apple, Switch and Tesla, is already home to the headquarters of his company Blockchains – an incubator that supports ventures and businesses using blockchain technology.

A potential major advantage of this city model is greater control of privacy of personal information – an advantage of blockchain highlighted by Dezeen Opinion columnist Paul Colleti. For example, occupants of Innovation Park could be able to bank, vote and store data in the blockchain, without including middlemen companies or the government, reports the New York Times. Efficiency, sustainability, transparency and provenance will not be compromised, but guaranteed,” says the Blockchains website. Multiple innovative technologies will change the way its residents interact on a daily basis and blockchain technology will be at the centre of it all – keeping systems honest, fair and democratic.