NEWAGE Gondola Serves The Most Prestigious Project

Tall buildings have special importance and a visual advantage due to their height, obviousness and dominance over the other elements of the scene. This has always fascinated the minds of people since the start of its construction in the ancient times. Now this is the necessity of metro cities. Mumbai is one of them where tall structures are taking place due to the rapid growth of population and therefore the constant pressure of the limited land area. This is also the expression of progress and civilization.

NEWAGE feels proud to serve these high-rise structures for their external working. Rope Suspended Platforms (RSP/ Gondolas) are being used and accepted by almost all market leaders of Mumbai and

across India for their external painting/ facade and civil works. This success story is written about the provided external solutions at the most famous project ‘LODHA THE PARK (TRUMP TOWER) Mumbai.’

The Park -Trump Tower is a highrise residential project (280 m) being developing by Lodha Group in Mumbai and they are the developers of World One, a residential skyscraper under construction in Mumbai, set to become the tallest residential tower in the world upon completion. NEWAGE is the luckiest first to grab the order for 49 RSP for their tower-1 on their first preference.

A professional team of sales, services and design people approached their engineering team and discussed about the project requirements, challenges and expected solutions. The machines were planned to work in 2 phases: 1st from 63 floors and then finally from terrace level. There were many challenges while the work started like working height, working in duct areas, front folding extension in platforms, parapet clamps designing and approval, safety parameters, on-time services & spare parts arrangements, machines shifting and so many day-to-day safety and other requirements.

Machine model ZLP-1000 was recommended for their project. The machines were equipped with all advanced safety devices, 1,000 kg loading capacity, 7.5 m length, galvanised. The customization of front folding extension added a unique flavour to their easiness in the project. The parapet clamps were also recommended for the duct areas where counterweights-based suspension mechanisms were not possible.

The safety parameters were considered in their 1st phase. So, many documents were submitted as required like HIRA, SOP related to OH&S, Drug & alcohol policy, many daily check-lists, etc.

The permanent service team/ unskilled labourers/ and spare parts stock were arranged to minimize breakdowns and to solve the technical errors at the earliest.

The machines are working since February this year and different agencies like painting, facade, grinding, BMU, civil contractors are using the installed RSP. The 3rd party safety inspections and safety precautions are mandatory for all and every time.

Santosh Chaurasia,
General Manager – Sales & Marketing
New Age Construction Equipment Engg. Co.
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