Dual Process Cement Technology At J.K. Cement Works

In the modern construction industry, both grey and white cement find their own application. While grey cement being cheaper is used as general purpose cement for concrete & mortars, etc., white cement is more used for architectural & decorative purposes. There are chemical and physical differences between grey and white cement due to difference in quality of raw materials & manufacturing process. The demand for white cement is also increasing with increased focus on aesthetics & appearance of buildings and housing complexes. TEC, Japan has developed a dual process technology enabling the cement producer to switch over to grey or white cement production based on the market demand.

This Dual Process system has single kiln with movable transfer chute connection to Grate or Decolorizer clinker coolers. The specially designed movable transfer chute system enable switching from grey to white cement production with the changeover time of 2-3 days. Promac Engineering Industries Ltd, Bengaluru (Promac) and Taiheiyo Engineering Corporation, Japan (TEC) have successfully executed this technology for J.K. Cement Works. The construction activity started in February 2012 and the first batch of white cement was dispatched from the plant in early March 2014. The project involved nearly 60,000 cubic meter of RCC, 3,000 tonnes of structural steel work and approximately 13,000 tonnes of equipment erection at site. All the process equipment like kiln, calciner, preheater, vertical roller petcoke mill, cement mill, bag house, grate cooler, decolorizer, and all the material handling equipment like stacker, bridge reclaimer, side scrapper reclaimer, deep pan conveyor, belt conveyor, etc., were designed and manufactured by Promac at their two manufacturing workshops in Bengaluru, India.

Promac and TEC believe this dual process technology is the way forward for investors to cope with varying market demand subject to availability of suitable quality of raw materials and additives.