Formwork Solutions From Doka For The Energy Projects Of Tomorrow

Renewable energy is the big growth sector in the power-generation industry. The International Energy Agency (IAE) forecasts that in 2023, renewable will generate almost 30% of total electricity demand, compared to a figure of 24% for 2017. Hydropower remains the biggest single source of renewable energy, covering 16% (by 2023) of worldwide electricity demand, followed by wind farms (6%), solar (4%) and bio energy (3%). Doka supplies formwork solutions for power-plant construction all over the world and is a player in energy projects for the coming generations.

Dam formwork is used for one-sided forming of structures such as dams and barrages without the use of form ties. The climbing scaffold transfers the concrete loads to the previous pouring section. The dam formwork with its system versions offers economical standard solutions for block heights up to 5.00 m without additional mounting parts and ties. It also adapts flexibly to project-specific requirements because it combines with framed, beam and steel formwork systems. Enclosed, generously dimensioned working platforms up to 2.80 m wide ensure safe working conditions.