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Finnish companies will collaborate to design a new urban area for more than half a million inhabitants in the Kathmandu Valley in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Rapid population growth and environmental problems require that new solutions are developed for construction, transport, energy production, and water and waste management. Urbanisation also enables Nepal to develop economically, and this project will steer the growth in a sustainable direction.

The companies responsible for the development and planning of the new urban area are Helin & Co Architects and the Nepalese engineering firm JK Associates. VTT is involved in the project in an expert role.

“In terms of its goals and scale, the project is unique in Nepal and has also global significance, because the area being planned is quite large and because the urban planning solutions developed in the project will show way for sustainable urban development in developing countries worldwide. We will show how the unofficial expansion of cities without a city plan could be steered more effectively, economically and sustainably into well-designed new areas”, architect Mariitta Helineva from Helin & Co points out.

The new urban area, extending over 52 km², is being planned in the area of the Kathmandu Valley. It has currently approximately 130,000 inhabitants living in mainly agricultural communities. The population of the entire Kathmandu Valley is expected to grow to four million by 2020.

The project offers solutions to the challenges caused by the pressure of population growth and the environmental problems the whole developing world is facing. The results will benefit particularly the inhabitants, the economy and the environment of Nepal. One of the project’s goals is also to disseminate information and to boost the development of competence in Nepal in a large scale.

The project is funded by the state of Nepal and coordinated by the Finnish Helin & Co Architects and the Nepalese engineering firm JK Associates. The project was launched in April 2018 and will end in June 2019 so that the distribution of land and building of infrastructure could begin immediately after the adoption of the city plan.