Enhancing Life Of Pavements And Facilitating Construction Using Construction Chemicals

Mr. Vikash Anand
Senior General Manager - Road Surfacing
STP Limited

STP Limited is more than 80-year Old ISO Certified Organization, primarily into Waterproofing, Construction Chemicals and having a range of Products for construction of both Flexible and Rigid Pavements with Clientele like L&T, IRB, Sadbhav, Dilip Buildcon Ltd, KMC Constructions, BSCPL Ltd, Relcon infraprojects, Gammon India, ITD Cementation, Ashoka Buildcon, HG Infra, HCC,GMR, PNC Infratech, Tata, Gawar Construction Limited, Gayatri Projects in private sector and MES, CPWD, NHAI, NPCIL, NTPC, GAIL India, Indian Railways, IOCL, Various State PWDs in Government Sector.

All products are accredited by IRC and tested by various independent NABL accredited laboratories across the country. STP manufacture and market range of products, which can be used in Rigid as well as Flexible road construction. Products range includes Joint Sealants, Curing Compound, Admixtures, and Anti Carbonation coatings, Adhesives, Road Marking Paints, Blown Bitumen, APP Membranes, and Bitumen Emulsion & Modified Bitumen for construction of Roads & for repair and rehabilitation of roads our product range includes ShaliPatch / ShaliPatch EC (Ready Mix for Patch/Pothole repair) & ShaliSeal RSTC (Sealer coat for waterproofing of Roads).

We are one of the largest suppliers of Sealants in Infrastructure projects and slowly inching towards our goal of providing complete solution by supplying Admixtures, Curing Compound and other products for infrastructure needs.

STP Products touches roads during every stage of construction.

After completion of Earthwork, we have Admixtures for PQC Roads & Bitumen Emulsion for Flexible Roads.

During Finishing Stages, we have Sealants and Curing Compounds for PQC Roads and Modified Bitumen for Flexible Roads.

For Repair and Rehabilitation, we have ShaliPatch EC / ShaliPatch & ShaliSeal RSTC.

We have a well-equipped R&D Centre named as Avishkar based at Kolkata, which has come up with highly innovative products like ShaliSeal RS TC & ShaliPatch EC. A brief about some of our quality products that touch pavement at different stages of its construction are given below for reference.

ShaliSeal PS PG/GG: Two Component Polysulphide sealant for Construction Joints in PQC Roads - it is a two-component polysulphide sealant for sealing of Expansion joints in PQC Roads. Product is UV resistant, flexible, tear resistant, rubbery, self-levelling, pourable, non-staining sealant, which adheres to most of building materials like cementitious substrates, aluminium, glass, wood, mild steel etc. cures at ambient temperature, has excellent recovery characteristics after extended period of compression / elongation with outstanding resistance to most chemicals, weather conditions, aging and shrinkage. Some of the advantages of the product are listed below for reference:

1. Excellent UV resistant.
2. Provides uniform, water tight seal.
3. Adhesion compatible to most substrate.
4. Highly resilient with excellent recovery characteristics and thermal flexibility.
5. Prevents cracking by allowing expansion / contraction during atmospheric changes.
6. Flexible, tear resistant, rubbery, self-levelling.
7. Chemical / flame / fuel resistant.
8. After full cure, it can withstand fully submerged condition
ShaliSeal® RS TC: Waterproof UV Resistance Sealer Coat for Road Surface – It is a Polymer Modified Waterproof UV Resistant Sealer Coat for Roads – both flexible and concrete, which prevents ingress of water and thereby enhances life of the road. A coat of ShaliSeal® RS TC every two years ensures pothole-free road, eliminates need of relaying, and adds to joy of driving. Also, material saved from avoidable relaying could be used to lay new roads, which will facilitate faster connectivity. ShaliSeal® RS TC is economical, user friendly and causes least inconvenience to road users. Advantages of the product are listed below for reference.

1. Easy application with spray / squeeze. Requires no heavy machinery.
2. Seals crack up to 1 mm and small pore in roads.
3. Protects asphalt aggregate surface by preventing water penetration.
4. Exhibits outstanding fuel resistance.
5. Can be formulated to a wear-resistant coating.

Ideally, we should apply ShaliSeal® RS TC after 30 days of laying of the new surface and can also be applied on old structurally sound roads.

ShaliPatch EC: One stop repair solution for Cracks and Potholes in PQC Roads - It is a three component, Cold Applied, Polymerized Elastomeric Concrete with Excellent Adhesion to substrate. It is a self-levelling material, thus easily trowel-able into cracks and pot holes. It gives Permanent long-lasting Solution and can repair cracks from 5 to 50 mm. Advantages of the product are listed below for reference:
1. Tough, Flexible and Durable.
2. Rapid Cure time.
3. Excellent resistance to chemical, saltwater, oil, acids, alkalis, crude oil, fuels and minerals.
4. Compatible with both coal tar and asphalt emulsion-based sealers.
5. Compatible with both concrete and bituminous pavement.
6. Excellent to repair surface defects of the road.

ShaliPlast PCE: High Performance Poly-Carboxylated Ether Based Superplasticizer - It is a third generation Poly-Carboxylated Ether based super-plasticizer for lower and medium grade concrete and mortar. It conforms to IS 9103 – 1999 and ASTM – C494 Type G. ShaliPlast PCE 200 is especially suitable to produce concrete mixes which require high early strength development, high water reduction and excellent flow-ability Some of the advantages of the product are listed below for reference:
1. Pronounced increase in the early strength development, resulting in very economical stripping times for precast and in-situ concrete.
2. Extremely high water-reduction, resulting in high density, high strength and reduced permeability for water etc.
3. Excellent plasticizing effect, resulting in improved flow-ability, placing and compacting behaviour.
4. Higher cohesion reducing risk of segregation and bleeding.
5. Improved shrinkage and creep behaviour.
6. Free from chlorides or other ingredients promoting corrosion of steel reinforcement. It is therefore suitable for reinforced and pre-stressed steel.
7. It is compatible with all types of Portland Cement including SRC (Sulphate Resistance Cement) and Cement Fillers / substitutes like PFA, GGBFS and Micro Silica. Always conduct trials before combining products in specific mixes and contact our Technical Service Department for information about specific combinations.