Tunnel Products From Mapei

Underground works have unique characteristics due to their complexity during the design phase, especially because of severe work environments. This is the reason why Mapei has Underground Technology Team (UTT) and dedicated products for all job site needs, matching all kinds of specifications.

Mapei offers the following range of products for Tunnelling, mining and underground construction:

Injection / Consolidation / Anchoring

Stabilcem T - One-component pre-blended thixotropic mortar with controlled shrinkage for anchoring, by injection, of tie rods and bolts in all types of grounds. Use Stabilcem T for anchoring tie rods of any length in tunnels, also in the presence of water and/or fractured and unstable rock masses, for anchoring reinforcement steel rods, for filling cavities between rock and concrete elements in tunnels and for sealing rigid structural joints in precast structures. After mixing with water Stabilcem T acquires such a thixotropic consistency that it can be easily applied by injection on vertical, inclined or above sections without yielding or scraps. Thanks to its rheological properties and to the absence of bleeding, Stabilcem T can penetrate through morphologically difficult grounds, completely filling very limited spaces.

Stabilcem T hardens without shrinkage and thanks to its remarkable bonding to rock, concrete, and steel, it is an effective means for anchoring bolts and rods during consolidation, even if they undergo considerable stress.

Resfoam 1 KM / Resfoam 1 KMFlex - One-component, ultra-fluid polyurethane resin applied by injection for waterproofing structures to prevent ground and rocks from intense percolating water. The reaction time may be regulated.

Mapegrout Compact - Pre-mixed injecting grout characterized by great resistance to wash-out and controlled rheology and fluidity.

Mapejet System - Mapejet System

N / LP is a two-component cement-free binder for low and very low permeable ground consolidation. Mapejet System N is a specially formulated compound, injected in a mix, to consolidate ground that has low and very low permeability and for strengthening unconsolidated ground.

Microcem Range - Micro-fine hydraulic binder with pozzolanic action for ground consolidation and ground waterproofing through injections of cementitious mixes. Microcem range of products is used either in ground consolidations and waterproofing or in restoration and repair fields with high archaeological interest. Microcem SR range is sulphate resistant binder for ground consolidation.

Silicajet Range - Two-component fluid resin used for injections in all types of soil, rock and/or concrete. Used for Cracks/fractures in rocks, waterproofing injections and soil consolidation.

Waterproofing, consolidating and filling voids, fractures, etc. in underground works where very high penetration is required in narrow spaces. Ground anchoring injections and joints in all types of soil. It gives the anchorage full effectiveness in approx. 15 minutes (a cementitious injection typically requires seven days).Concrete restoration, for sealing cracks no matter the size. Waterproof covering for structures such as aqueducts, tanks, etc.

Technologies for Shotcrete and Concrete

Mapequick AFRange - Alkali-free accelerator for shotcrete and sprayed concrete, with which it is possible to produce shotcrete characterised by rapid setting times and a very quick development of its strength after only a very short curing time. The accelerator provides high strength after 60 min. and uniform strength development in 24 hours. Mapequick AF range does not provide reduced final strength, compared to a basis concrete.

Dynamon Range - Modified acrylic super-plasticiser for concrete, characterised by its low water/cement ratio, very high mechanical strength and long workability times.

Mapefibre Range - Structural polypropylene fibres for making high ductility concrete and shotcrete

Mapecure Range - Mapecure E is an anti-evaporation agent in water emulsion for protecting the surface of concrete against quickly drying out when exposed to sunlight and winds. Mapecure S is a film-forming curing agent in solvent to protect mortar and concrete from drying out too quickly when exposed to sunlight and winds.


Mapeplan TU Range - Synthetic waterproofing membrane. single layer membrane with orange signal layer applied as a fluid barrier in tunnel and underground structure constructions. Mapeplan TU S, due to the high standard production level, performance both good mechanical properties and workability and welding characteristics.

Mapeband Range - TPE tape for flexible sealing and waterproofing of expansion joints and cracks subject to movement.


Triblock TBM - Three-component, self-levelling, epoxy-cementitious coating for layers from 1.5 to 3 mm thick.

Planitop Range - Quick-setting, light-grey coloured fine mortar for repairing and smoothing concrete and render.

Mapegrout Range - Mapegrout SV is a quick-setting and hardening, compensated-shrinkage hi-flow mortar for repairing concrete and fixing drains, manholes and urban architectural fittings in place. Mapegrout Thixotropic is a fibre-reinforced, compensated-shrinkage mortar for repairing concrete. MapegroutGunite is a one-component pre-packed multi-purpose non-accelerated cementitious mortar applied using either the dry or damp spraying technique.MapegroutGunite is used for all repair of damaged concrete, such as concrete linings in road tunnels, repair of damaged bridges, repair of hydro works, reservoirs, industrial concrete structures, etc.Due to its high mechanical properties, MapegroutGunite can be used for structural repairs.

Concrete Protection and Final Coating

Mapecoat Range - Mapecoat is a two-component, epoxy paint in water dispersion for protecting cementitious substrates.

Mechanised TBM Tunnelling

Polyfoamer Range - Liquid foaming agent based on biodegradable anionic surfactants combined with a lubricating polymer for ground conditioning.

Stabilfoam 300 - A high performance liquid foaming agent for soil conditioning. Stabilfoam 300 is specifically formulated for the preparation of stable TBM (EPB) foams. This product is suited for TBM excavation in most ground conditions. Stabilfoam 300 is compatible with our stabilizing polymers (Mapedrill range) and works well with all types of water (fresh, hard, salt etc.). Stabilfoam 300 enhances tunnelling in fractured and extremely permeable ground conditions. Stabilfoam 300 lubricates the excavation fully to minimise the friction of muck particles on the wear parts of the shield. Machine performances is considerably enhanced with respect to power usage as the material is able to be handled with a greater efficiency. Stabilfoam 300 prevents clays from plugging, thus keeping the whole shield face clean and reduces dust production.

Mapeoil Range - High performance mineral hydraulic oil to be used in mechanized tunnelling.

Mapedrill Range - Natural polymer in powder for mechanized tunnelling with TBM and drilling machine

Mapeblox Range - Tail seal grease for mechanized tunnelling with TBM.

Defoamer Range - Liquid defoaming agent for conditioned soil treatment. The versatility of Defoamer XP enables it to be used in several applications as a chemical agent for drilling fluid treatment, wherein it is necessary to post-treat the spoil material (foam removal).

Case Study

Z Morh Tunnel, Jammu and Kashmir – Mapei India is associated with this 6.6 km long twin tunnel. Construction work has started in May 2015 and is still ongoing. The aim of the tunnel is to provide permanent access to the tourist district of Sonamarg throughout the year and improve traffic conditions in the Ladakh area. Certain sections of the tunnel were waterproofed with Mapeplan TU S20, synthetic membrane. Various Mapei admixtures were used to make the concrete mixes, such as Mapequick AF 70 and Dynamon SX, as well as Mapefibre BG 55 fibres. Mapefast CF/L, chloride free antifreeze admixture was also added to the concrete to build the tunnel.

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