HA26 RTJ Pro Articulated Boom - Building On Success

The HA26 range builds on the same design, architecture and performance levels that drove the success of the HA16 and HA20 ranges of articulating booms: no compromises in terms of safety, productivity, ease of maintenance and total cost of ownership! In line with the times and always one step ahead, it also benefits from innovations that set it apart, such as the ACTIV’ Lighting System and the STOP Emission System!

The HA26 Range has been designed to meet the expectations of operators in terms of performance, to ensure a cost effective investment for rental companies. HA26 range is a versatile machine for multiple applications like construction, finishings, maintenance and renovation, industrial operations, demolition, landscaping and tree surgery.

Guaranteed Safety

New ACTIV’ Lighting System
Loading and unloading the boom on a truck is always a delicate procedure, and even more so in conditions of limited visibility, such as at dawn or dusk, so to simplify this procedure while enhancing user safety, Haulotte Group developed an innovative and ultra-high performance lighting system, ACTIV’Lighting System-Safe Load. Located at several points around the machine, this lighting system illuminates controls and the area around the boom. Only offered by Haulotte, this is a unique feature becoming an essential element for the safety of both men and equipment.

New Generation of Secondary Guarding System

To prevent risks, particularly crushing risks, and protect operators, the HA26 range is equipped with the Haulotte ACTIV’ Shield Bar 2.0. The system is now fully incorporated into the upper control protection cover to guarantee better ergonomics and enhanced robustness. Thanks to push forward principle bar, which provides a “safety gap”, workers are protected from any risk of crushing without compromising productivity.

Ultra Safe Driving
It is essential to feel safe when working at heights for hours on end, especially in sensitive or hard-to-reach spaces, at a height of more than 80ft. That is why a great deal of attention was focused on guaranteeing smooth and flexible movements for the boom. Three essential elements allow for more safety and comfort:
- Boom rigidity
- Perfectly regulated boom kinematics thanks to the built-in computer
- Automatic damping of ramp motion when approaching full extension
No jolts, just fluid motion: absolute comfort for users who can work with complete peace of mind.
Maximum Visibility
Due to the size of the boom, users may lack visibility when driving, potentially causing accidents. For enhanced visibility, the jib can be raised to a vertical position even when the machine is moving at full speed. Users benefit from greater visibility and save time in their manoeuvres!

Greater Productivity

Best in Class Working Envelope
Combined with a very reasonable weight, its smart design has a direct impact on its remarkably homogeneous working envelope, synonymous with exceptional productivity, without having to move the machine. With no weak points, it combines three key assets:
a working height of 26.4m
up-and-over clearance of 9.3m to overcome obstacles with ease,
excellent 17.5m horizontal outreach to work in hard-to-reach areas.
The HA26 range always keeps pace with the productivity operators demand!
Dual Load Capacity (Available as an Option)
Due to machine weight limits, users cannot always load all of their equipment at once. The HA26 range addresses this issue by including a 250 kg / 350 kg dual load capacity as an option. In 350 kg mode, the platform can accommodate an extra 40% of equipment by weight.

All-Terrain Capacity
The HA26 range offers exceptional capacities to conquer any terrain, even the most rugged, thanks to:
An oscillating axle for superior ground adhesion
Hydraulic differential wheel lock to effectively distribute power to the wheels
High ground clearance to get over obstacles
A smaller turning radius and a well-dimensioned frame to manoeuvre in confined spaces
Gradeability up to 45%.
Optional Equipment
To make life easier for users, Haulotte developed many options to meet their requirements. E.g. glazier kit, plumbing kit, air line in the platform, working light, non-marking tires, lateral swing door, hydraulic generator, hostile environment kit.

Cost Effectiveness

Stop Emission System
When operators are working at height, the engine often runs for no reason, resulting in the hour meter counting hours unnecessarily. That is why the HA26 range is equipped with the innovative STOP Emission System that automatically stops and restarts the engine. The system reduces use of the engine and peripheral components by up to 20%, thereby extending the life of your engine and assuring higher residual value. In addition, by decreasing fuel consumption, operating costs are lowered, overall noise level is reduced allowing operators to work in sensitive areas (hospitals, schools, office buildings, etc.).

Modular Platform
The platform and cover hoods are made up of easily dismantled components. In the event of wear, you need only replace the damaged part rather than the entire assembly: simple, quick and more economical.

Easy Maintenance

On-Board Diagnostic System
The HA26 range is equipped with the ACTIV’ Screen on-board diagnostic system, a comprehensive tool that provides access to:
details and the complete malfunction resolution procedure
machine settings
maintenance alerts and service intervals
modifications of general settings such as interface language and units of measurement. ACTIV’ Screen acts as a veritable assistant, supporting users daily in carrying out maintenance operations.

Telematics Ready
For fleet management the HA26 range is equipped with a universal telematics connector as standard. As it adapts to any type of telematic system, it allows you to quickly connect your own telematics devices to the Haulotte machines.

For more information, visit: www.haulotte.in