Sloped Roof Waterproofing - New Technology From Mapei

Concrete, by its nature is porous, and roofs are subject to the worst weather conditions of any part of a structure, light, heat, cold, water in all its forms, hail, etc. There are many different roofing products out there adequate for a low slope roof; rubberized membranes and bitumen being among the more popular ones, but all must be evaluated based on cost and applicability to your specific situation. Most come warranted for anywhere from 15 - 30 years and will be only as effective as the installer is competent.

Restoration and protection of sloped roofs is a difficult task. Recently, Mapei has introduced one such product, MapeSlope, One-component cementitious mortar, applied in layers up to 5 cm thick for restoration of slopes and filling hollows on roofs. MapeSlope is a mortar used to level off substrates with hollows on roofs or substrates that are out of flat to re-establish slope enough for water to run off and to make them suitable for the application of a waterproofing product.

MapeSlope may be applied in a single layer up to 5 cm thick on various types of substrate such as:
Smooth or granulated bituminous membranes;
Cementitious screeds and screeds made from special binders (Topcem or Topcem Pronto);
Existing external ceramic, terrazzo and stone floors.
Eliminates premature aging of roofs caused by ponding water and hollows.
May be used on both new substrates and old substrates thereby reducing removal and demolition costs.
Easy to apply by trowel.
Adheres well to substrates.
Stable when exposed to UV rays.
MapeSlope complies with CE EN 1504-2 marking.

Technical Characteristics

MapeSlope is a grey-coloured powder made up of special cementitious binders, selected aggregates, synthetic resin and special additives according to formula developed in the MAPEI R&D Laboratories. When mixed with water, it forms a blend with good workability that adheres perfectly to substrates and that may be applied by trowel to all types of substrates normally used in the building industry. MapeSlope dries quickly so that the next waterproofing treatment may be applied within a short space of time. MapeSlope meets the requirements of EN 1504-2 coating (C) according to principles MC and IR “Concrete surface protection systems”.

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