Sweden Will Build The First ‘Electric Road’

The Swedish Transport Administration, Trafikverket, has announced that the Smart Road Gotland team won the final round of the tender. Electreon will lead the project's next phase. The project is aimed at demonstrating the potential for dynamic wireless mobile power transfer to vehicles. The trials, based on Electreon's technology, will carry out inductive charging of an electric truck and a bus while in motion.

The Smart Road Gotland consortium will deploy a fully functional public shuttle service and test bed through a 1.6km-long electric road as part of the total route of 4.1km between the airport and city centre of Visby on the island of Gotland.

The electric truck will be test-driven by a professional in varied seasonal conditions to ensure that the system is ready for large-scale projects on highways. After acquiring relevant demonstration results from the project, the Swedish Transport Administration can evaluate the potential for larger scale electric road investments