Dabur India - A Modern & Environment Friendly Pre-Fabricated Steel Building By Kirby India

Building Statistics And Other Highlights


  • Roof Sheeting – Kirby Standing Seam (KSS-600) with 0.5 mm thickness and sub-purlins.
  • Wall Cladding – No wall cladding as Kingspan panel is considered with vertical girts.
  • Roof liner panel 0.5 mm thick colour is considered for full roof area with sub-girts.
  • Rockwool insulation of 50 mm thickness having density of 48 kg/m3 with aluminium facing with wire mesh for full roof area.
  • Mezzanine with 54 mm deep 1.0 mm thick deck panel for buildings A. B & C.
  • Provision for future expansion is taken into consideration as per the building requirement.
  • Deflections vertical span/180, height/150.
  • 16 mm dia sag rods are considered.



Other accessories & supporting systems include skylights, canopies with life line beams, staircases, cage ladder; 3.15 mm thick MS gutter with FRP lining, UPVC downspouts, etc.

Angle bracing is considered for roof with Chapter 12 and portal bracing for wall for full height.

Primary members consisting of columns are of I-sections, tapered sections, star sections and beams are typical I-sections, tapered sections for different buildings as per the design requirement.

Fixed base is considered for main frame external columns and rest all are pinned base.

Minimum thickness is 6 mm for primaries and 2.5 mm for secondaries. All secondaries are pre-galvanized.

This project is unique in nature as the location is based in high seismic zone 5 with wind speed of 50 m/sec.

Key Challenges

Main challenge was to provide the client with most optimized tonnage in a high seismic zone area, which Kirby design team was successful in achieving it. Execution was another major challenge as the project had to be completed within stipulated timeframe (stringent timeline) since the facility had to kick start the operations before the deadline given by the state government.

PEB Solution Provider: Kirby Building Systems & Structures India Pvt. Ltd.

Client/Owner: Dabur India Ltd.

Structural Consultant: Jacobs India

Tonnage: Approx. 4,200 mt

22,000 square metres + 12,000
square metres of mezzanine
= over 34,000 square metres of area

Jobsite: Sonitpur, Assam

Building Usage:
Manufacturing of Ayurved Products

Industry: Consumer Goods


Kirby could overcome all the challenges right from design to execution and handover the buildings to the customer well within the contractual period with utmost satisfaction in terms of safety, quality & aesthetics. Kirby successfully celebrated 3.3 lakh safe man-hours within this time.

Steel used in fabrication of the building is in accordance with ASTM or equivalent specifications; and Structural Welding is in accordance with the American Welding Society standard AWS D1.1 specifications and good engineering practices.

Designed as per IS 800-2007 codes with limit state design including Chapter 12.

Wind Load application as per IS 875 (Part 3) 1987.

High grade steel material is used in the complete structure.

The complete structure is built of steel, which is more than 90% recyclable. All the raw material such as plates and coils are procured from India’s leading steel manufacturers or imported as per the customer’s specifications and then processed as per the shop floor drawings with different dimensions and modularity with strict control on accuracy. The building was completed in record time of 12 months within the scheduled timeline and handed over to the client for starting their operations.

The structural form of the building is good in appearance and can withstand any adverse conditions and still stand tall without any damage. The building has the capability to stand for more than 50 years without any huge maintenance costs.



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