Regletherme – The Temperature
Controlled Concrete Solution

Owing to the increased focus on infrastructural development in India in the last few years, the real estate sector has experienced a massive boom. Characterised by an ever-increasing demand for unique and innovative structures, buildings, and projects in the country, it highlights the need for a wide range of specialised value-added products in the building materials space. Owing to the unique advantages they offer these products are highly dynamic in their applicability and utility. In turn, they help make complex and challenging construction and maintenance activities significantly easier, faster, and cheaper. Thus, not only have they revolutionised the very landscape of the Indian construction industry, they have also helped expand the horizons of conventional constructional capabilities, by offering a range of specially designed features and utilities.



Thermal crack-resistant concrete, such as Regletherme by Nuvoco, has played a huge role in the sector, facilitating construction even under extremely challenging conditions. With a density of 2,300 to 2,600 ± 50 kg/m3, a compressive strength of 40+ N/mm2 for a period of 28 days, and a slump flow of 80 to 130+ mm, it is designed to slow down and control the rapidly rising temperature of concrete due to the high heat of hydration. As such, it considerably reduces the thermal stress on the structure, a result of the constant variations in the temperature of mass concrete. Nuvoco offers specialised concrete mix with the appropriate temperature control capabilities that satisfy project need, ensuring the temperature difference between the core and the surface never exceeds 20°C. Required to be placed within 3 hours from batching, the mix design of Regletherme can also be customised as per customer requirements.

Case Study

Oberoi Garden City is a colossal luxurious project by Oberoi Reality, in the heart of Mumbai’s Western Suburb. The project consists of five incredibly tall towers, with each of them having as many as 60 floors, in addition to the Ground floor. However, for structures as lofty as these, the raft foundation needs to be solid and thick, for it to be able to support the massive pressure generated by the building. In this case, the raft was designed to have a thickness of 2.5 metres but owing to the sheer size of the mass concrete foundation, there were significant temperature variations between the core and the surface. Considering this, Nuvoco presented a solution by suggesting Regletherme, as it is designed specifically to help reduce thermal stress due to temperature variations in mass concrete. In addition to that, it also made the execution process much faster, as it has high workability and durability.


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