Finland Starts Work On Its National Transport Plan



Previous plans have been regional but the Finnish transport system will now be developed as a whole. Instead of individual projects, in future the system will be addressed as a single package and a more long-term approach will be adopted for the planning and financing of measures. The goal is to ensure people and businesses across Finland with good opportunities for mobility and transport.  The government said that a long-term, 12-year plan reaching across government terms will ensure that the development of the transport system is predictable from the perspective of people, businesses, municipalities and the public sector.

The plan is intended to deal with government measures in planning, constructing, maintaining and acquiring services related to transport and mobility. Ways to reduce emissions from transport will also be examined.

The plan preparations are based on policies outlined in the government programme on state funding, including an increase of €300m in the management of the basic transport infrastructure from 2020 onwards.

The Ministry of Transport & Communications will be responsible for the preparations of the national transport system plan. The planning will be directed by a parliamentary working group led by Marin and including representatives of all parliamentary groups. The working group will direct the plan preparations and discuss its contents. A cooperation group led by the Ministry of Transport & Communications will also be established with representatives from key ministries, agencies, regional councils, urban regions and municipalities.

Once completed, Finland's first 12-year transport system plan will be adopted by the Government.