Mapei Contributes To The Statue Of Unity Project


Mapei products have been used to build various structures in India over the last few years for infrastructures, religious, residential and commercial buildings, monuments and many more.

The statue, which stands high at 182 m, is the tallest statue in the world. It pays homage to India’s most celebrated statesman and freedom fighter Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The monument is an engineering marvel and strategically designed to counter the forces of nature and endure through time. It encloses a few museums, viewing galleries, an exhibition hall, etc. Mapei supplied several products for its construction, such as waterproofing materials (IDROSTOP, IDROSTOP MASTIC, PLANISEAL 88), wall coatings (ANTIPLUVIOL S), products for concrete repair (MAPEGROUT EASYFLOW), soundproofing materials (MAPESONIC CR), adhesives for ceramic tiles (KERAFLEX MAXI S1, KERALASTIC) and for resilient materials (ULTRABOND ECO V4 SP), as well as admixtures for concrete (DYNAMON SX).

Here is some information about the products mentioned above:

Concrete Admixtures

Dynamon SX (high PC) range of products used for Self compacting concrete in concrete grade M50 and M65. This product improved concrete properties(flow and compaction) at low W/C and make pump able concrete to height of 182m.

Concretes manufactured with Dynamon SX range have a high level of workability (consistency class S4 or S5, according to EN 206-1), and are consequently easy to apply when fresh. At the same time, they offer excellent mechanical performance when hardened. Dynamon SX range is especially suitable for all applications where there is the need for greater water reduction, along with relatively high mechanical strength at the early stages. Its performance makes it particularly suitable for manufacturing self-compacting concretes since Dynamon SX range can ensure high workability.



Hydrophillic expandable pre-formed flexible rubber stop for watertight construction. Idrostop is used to produce watertight construction joints in civil, industrial and hydraulic construction.  Construction joints created with Idrostop are watertight up to 5 atm of pressure. Unlike materials made of alternative composition that lose efficiency in repeated wet/dry cycling, Idrostops unique composition allows it to maintain performance even in aggressive environments.



-       To waterproof joints between concrete foundations and walls

-       For waterproofing contact joints between different building materials, such as steel and concrete, or stone and concrete.

-       For waterproofing contact joints between different types of materials, such as PVC or steel tubing penetrations in concrete swimming pools, sewage treatment tanks, reservoirs, and hydraulic projects in general.

For waterproofing cold joints (temporary shrinkage joints) created during pouring to reduce the risk of cracking in long and monolithic structures.

-       For waterproofing construction joints where, conventional water-stops cannot be installed easily and securely because of highly congested reinforcing bar.

-       For waterproofing construction joints in tunnels, dams and hydraulic projects including potable water reservoirs.

Idrostop Mastic

Idrostop Mastic is a one-component thixotropic adhesive made from sililated polymers characterised by its high initial tack and rapid final hardening. It contains no solvents and does not give off unpleasant odours. It also has very low emission of volatile organic compounds and is certified EC1 R Plus by the GEV Institute.

Idrostop Mastic used for:

-       Bonding Idrostop to concrete between foundation slabs and vertical walls before carrying out second pours.

-       Bonding Idrostop around PVC and steel pipes before pouring concrete.

Planiseal 88

Planiseal 88 is a one component, polymer modified cementitious coating for waterproofing concete and masonry surfaces.

Planiseal 88 is used for

-       For Waterproofing horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces

-       For interior or exterior concrete applications such as walls, retaining walls, wet rooms, pools, planters, irrigation canals, culverts, concrete jersey, barriers, beams, columns, building facades, overpasses and piers exposed to positive or negative hydrostatic pressure.

Wall Coatings

Antipluviol S

Antipluviol S is a Silane and siloxane based transparent water-repellent impregnating finish in solvent solution.  A colourless protection against rain for exposed concrete structures, cement renders, cellular cement, facebricks, and exposed concrete blocks, natural and artificial stone, non-glazed ceramic tiles, etc.

Antipluviol S is used for:

-       Repair of plastered walls exposed to rain.

-       Preventive treatment of exposed concrete against carbonation.

-       Colourless water-repellent protection of historic buildings or those of special architectural value.

-       Water-repellent treatment of walls and facebricks

Concrete Repair

Mapegrout Easyflow

Mapegrout Easyflow IN is a one-component pre-blended packed thixotropic cement-based concrete composed of hydraulic binders, synthetic polyacrylonitrile fibres, organic corrosion inhibitors, special water-retaining, expansive admixtures and selected aggregates. Repair of deteriorated concrete structures by using a spray rendering machine. The product is especially suitable when easy pumping is required even over long distances and under constant high heads. Mapegrout Easy Flow IN can be applied for:

-       Repair of highway viaduct pillars by using a spray rendering machine.

-       Repair of hydraulic works such as canals, dams, spillways, basins, etc.

-       Repair of road and railway tunnels.

-       Repair of precast concrete structures.

-       Repair of concrete structures damaged by corroded reinforcing bars.

-      Soundproofing

Mapesonic CR

Mapesonic CR is a thin section soundproofing membrane to combat the noise of footsteps transmitted through floor slabs, applied before laying ceramic, stone, resilient and multi-layered parquet floors.

Mapesonic CR can be used as:

-       Under-floor soundproofing system applied in a thin layer to counteract the transmission of noise through floors caused by footsteps.

-       Mapesonic CR has been specifically developed for application in existing buildings to improve soundproofing without removing the floors and screeds.

-       It is particularly suitable, therefore, for all buildings (residential units, hotels, offices, rest-homes, schools, etc.) under renovation.

Some application examples of Mapesonic CR:

-       under resilient floor coverings (PVC, rubber, linoleum)

-       under multi-layered parquet

-       on cement-based substrates

-       on old ceramic and stone floors

In the ‘Statue of Unity’ Project, Mapesonic CR was used in the walking area where soundproofing was required.

Adhesives For Ceramic Tiles

Keraflex Maxi S1

Keraflex Maxi S1 is a high performance, deformable cementitious adhesive with extended open time and no vertical slip for ceramic tiles. It is especially suitable for the installation of large-size porcelain tiles and natural stone.

Keraflex Maxi S1 is used in:

-       Interior and exterior bonding up to 15 mm thick on floors of ceramic tiles of every type and size (single and double fired tiles, porcelain tiles, klinker, terracotta, etc.) on uneven substrates and renders, without having to level the flooring beforehand.

-       Interior and exterior bonding of stone and agglomerate materials (if they are classified as stable and not irreversibly sensitive to moisture).

-       Spot bonding of insulating material in interior such as expanded polystyrene, rock and glass wool, Eraclit® (wood-cement panels), sound-deadening panels, cork, etc.

Keralastic T

KeralasticT is a two-component, solvent and water free adhesives which are flexible and waterproof. They are made up of a polyurethane base (component A) and a special hardener (component B). On mixing the two components together, the result is a paste with the following properties:

Good workability;

Excellent durability and resistant to ageing;

Perfect adhesion to all surfaces used in building;

Hardens by chemical reaction without shrinkage (until it becomes highly resistant);

high deformability;

Some application examples of KeralasticT are:

-       Bonding ceramic tiles, stone material and all types of mosaics in showers and on sheets used for prefabricated bathrooms.

-       Bonding ceramic tiles and mosaics on wooden work surfaces or in kitchens in order to achieve a waterproof substrate.

-       Bonding ceramic tiles, stone material and mosaics on balconies, external terraces domes or flat roofs subject to foot traffic.

-       Bonding natural stones and reconstructed stone (marble of every type, slate, etc.) also subject to movement and size variation due to the absorption of water (class C of size stability according to MAPEI standards).

Resilient Materials

Ultrabond Eco V4

Ultrabond Eco V4 SP is a universal very high-performance adhesive for resilient floor coverings. Ultrabond Eco V4 SP is a solvent free, synthetic polymer-based adhesive in water dispersion, formulated in a ready to use light beige paste. Due to its formulation and extended open time, it can be used as wet-bed adhesive for all kind of floorings on absorbent substrates, as well as transitional pressure-sensitive adhesive for bonding dimensionally stable floor coverings on impervious, non-absorbent substrates.

Some applications areas where Ultrabond Eco V4 SP can be used are:

-       Homogeneous and heterogeneous PVC floor coverings, sheets and tiles

-       CV and multilayer PVC floor coverings

-       Rubber floorings (sheets and tiles, including multilayer floor coverings with acoustic or foam underlay). Suitable also as a universal adhesive for:

-       LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles)

-       Semi-flexible vinyl floor tiles (VCT)

-       Textile floor coverings with all common backings (latex-primed, PVC and polyurethane foam, natural jute and Action-Bac® backed carpets, etc.)


Mapei, with its 80+ years of experience, has been part of many iconic projects world-wide.  In India, Mapei is proud to be a part of Iconic project “Statue of Unity”, Z morh Tunnel, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport etc. and many more.  To know more about Mapei projects, please visit Mapei website.