Allround Scaffolding Innovative Concept: Solutions For Bridge

Mithilesh Kumar

Layher Scaffolding Systems Pvt. Ltd.


For more than 70 years, Layher (the German Company) has been synonymous worldwide with high-quality and practically tested scaffolding systems. Layher is present worldwide with more than 30 sales subsidiaries. The products are used for building and construction, in all kinds of industries like chemical plants or power plants, at shipyards and offshore. Due to innovative products, superior technical solutions and Layher’s absolute customer orientated service package Layher has become the standard in scaffolding systems worldwide.



Quick To Assemble - Safe And Flexible To Use

Allround Scaffolding from Layher lives up to its name: its efficient assembly and dismantling, its enormous performance and the highest level of flexibility make it suitable for practically every application.

At civil engineering sites, construction companies must build a whole range of structures in addition to handling the actual building work: from classic work scaffolding to reinforcing and shoring structures and accesses such as stairs and bridging. In many cases, steel or timber structures built specifically for the project are used for these requirements – the drawback being wage-intensive production and limited applicability.



Layher can offer with its Allround Scaffolding a holistic approach, and as a result a considerably more economical alternative, for these extensive requirements. Allround Scaffolding Lightweight from Layher The basis for all temporary structures is the four basic components of Allround Scaffolding – standards, ledgers, diagonal braces and system decks. Fast and material-saving assembly is assured not only by the low weight of the system components, yet high loading capacity thanks to the use of the latest higher-strength steels, but also by the self-locking wedge head connection using the proven Allround Connector with its structural advantages and up to eight connection options in one plane, the automatic rectangularity of the system, and the predetermined system dimension. Time-consuming measurements can be dispensed with. The free selection of the angles for the connections and the different standard lengths ensure flexible adaptation to building geometries, ground plans and topographical peculiarities – using standard components. For further applications, the Layher construction kit also includes matching supplementary components – structurally and dimensionally integrated into the system: in conjunction with a stairway stringer, the four basic Allround components are quickly transformed into a site stair-tower. Combination Allround Shoring Frames TG 60 with Allround Scaffolding allows shoring towers with a loading capacity of up to six tonnes per standard to be built.



System Solution Versus Steelwork-Based One-Off Structures

Fast and economical assembly is just one of the advantages that system scaffolding has over steelwork-based One-off structures or other scaffolding systems. Also important: rapid availability of the standard components, rapid costing on the basis of the existing listed prices, simple structural strength verification based on building authority approval, flexible adjustment even to complex building geometries – and not least repeated and above all versatile opportunities for use, from facade, suspended and birdcage scaffolding to shoring, reinforcing scaffolding, stairs and bridging, plus site protection – i.e. roofs or enclosures.

Integration Of Allround Shoring Towers TG 60 Into Allround Scaffolding Enables Economical Solutions

Layher Allround shoring TG 60, (The False work frame – even more possibilities in Allround Scaffolding) Allround scaffolding uses a simple, unique and bolt free connection technology. Sliding the wedge head over the rosette and inserting the wedge into the opening immediately secures the component. There is still enough play to secure the other end of the ledger. A hammer blow to the wedge transforms the loose connection into a superbly strong structurally rigid one. The face of the wedge head is now precisely positioned against the standard.

Shoring was built to provide temporary support for the formwork during construction of a motorway bridge. Using Layher Allround Scaffolding ensured an economical solution here: since there are load concentrations in the area of the bridge walkways, shoring towers were simply integrated into the Allround Scaffolding using the high-strength Allround Shoring Frames TG 60. This allowed the heavy loads to be safely transmitted. The bolt-free and self-locking Allround wedge head connection Auto- Lock, automatic rectangularity plus the Allround System lengths also allowed rapid assembly – with no need for tiresome measuring work.

The safe assembly sequence for Allround Shoring TG 60 automatically provides scaffolding erectors with all-round side protection, even without additional components, during upright assembly. This allows the valid safety regulations to be met in full for the first time. The use of the new Allround Shoring TG 60 thus ensured crucial advantages for Scaffolding Company: compliance with the tight schedules required by project planning, optimum working conditions for the formwork and a high degree of safety during assembly work.


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